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What's Wrong with My Warm-Up?


I do this usually b4 lifting to get my body physically ready
- sleeper stretch
- thoracic extension on foam roller
- IT band foam roll
- hip adductor foam roll
- myofacial release (using a tennis ball)
- rolling tennis ball on sole of foot (for the ankle)
- toe curls
- inversion/eversion holds for the ankle
- tibialis anterior dorsiflexor holds for the ankle
- scat push ups
- YTWL's
- rollover into "V" sits
- fire hydrant circles
- mountain climbers
- groiners
- bridges
- clams

These seem to focus on the ankle, hips, and shoulders (ankles and shoulders are areas where I need improved health & the hips is such a huge joint that I put it in there)...I feel that it takes way too long to complete (~1 hr) and would want some criticism of my pre-hab/warm up...

This is something I have come up on my own by reading some articles here and there, but want something more concrete and something that has been proven to keep athletes/weekend warriors healthy/less injury prone for years and years.


Is your body falling apart on you so badly that you need all of that?

I go to the gym within an hour of waking up and am doing my working sets after three warm up sets without needing to do any of that shit.

What are your injuries?

What is your routine like?

What are your stats (height, age, weight, major lifts)?


I think that those exercises look good to activate muscles, but you might be able to cut it down to the essentials for specific lifting days. I used to do a warmup that took me nearly 15 minutes to do! Tons of movements, foam rolling, etc. I then cut it down to the 5-10 movements that gave me the best activation and warmup and quickly realized that it was just as good. You might want to try that out.


definitely the toe curls


Wait, your warm up takes an hour?


Toe curls FTW


Nobody else saw this? Fail.

I would cut these first. Too many scat push ups can get you ecoli or maybe pink eye depending on depth of the scat.

In other news: Take the essentials for getting "warm" and do them before training. maximum 15 mins. Then do the other stuff as "filler" between sets during rest periods.

What's really going to help your shoulders is working sets of cable/DB/BB rows and face pulls etc. The mobility stuff is good but not if it postpones your work sets by "~1h."

My longest O-lift sessions take about 2h all up. And that is with a shit ton of work and lots of super heavy efforts.

My non-OL shit takes max 90mins more like 1h all warm up included.



You should do this for a warm-up, for example prior to this 420kg deadlift.


Good work GG, that video is now saved in my favourites :slight_smile:


I like the idea of limiting the warm-up as much as possible. I don't think 15 minutes is over doing it, depending on the lifter. Determining what is the minimum one can 'get away with' will take some time, and may be different depending on what is to follow.

Re: Benni Video........I love to whatch that guy!!!!


I see guys. I got a better idea of what to do for warm ups...would it be smart to apply my session in the morning (I lift in the evening) or shud I just scrap the whole session?


P.S. - what do you guys tend to do for warm-ups, cool-downs, and pre-hab stuff??? I'm new to pre-hab and that stuff so examples would be great....I understand that pre-hab stuff may differ due to different injuries and etc.


I snort chalk...does wonders for respiration.


Going overboard.

Dynamic stretching with some activation work if needed.

do SMR post workout or any other time.


What's SMR?


C'mon didn't you see him taking out the ammonia cap from behind his ears? Chad Aichs sometimes keeps them in his curly hair (as seen in the 821 bench video)


do the direct mobility for the bodyparts/lifts you will be training.


hip mobility
quick foam roll hips, glutes, piriformis
ankle stretch

the REST of your rehab/prehab can be performed as 15 pre-bed time ritual so when you go to the gym you only need 10-15 of actual warm up. if you need longer to warm up to lift you arent doing enough functional work in your regular program.

bed time for me.
foam roll, calves, hips, glutes, back.
trigger wheel, traps, serratus
4 pt squat.

takes 10 minutes done 3 nights a week.

you are over complicating things man.