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What's Wrong with My Squat?


Is their anything wrong with this? I feel as if my knees are pushing out WAY to much, but when I try and correct it... I simply cant.


Try widening your stance and pointing your toes out a little. Keep tweaking your stance until you feel comfortable.

Can you really stay on your heels with your knees bowed out like that?


It would be better if you showed a side angle. Kinda looks like you're not sitting back with your hips. Also keep your chest up and your head up. Then again, i cant see you from the side.


My toes are already pointed out a good amount. Its a very comfy position for me, and yes I can stay on my heels fairly easy.

From what you said... im guessing this is a bad squat?


Taken minutes after the last one. Had the same form, and depth.


I'd still try widening your stance a little bit. It just seems to me like your legs are bowed in a lot when you're in the hole.

How tall are you?


Im about 6'3


Maybe you should give front squats a shot. I dunno, it looks to me that you are bowing your legs a good deal out and it COULD be damaging to your knees at a higher weight


When you squat, you break at the knees first and go straight down. That causes your knees to shoot out over your toes before you are even halfway to the hole. You need to break at the hips first. Stick your butt back and that will help with the knees shooting out. LOTS of box squats will help with creating the muscle-memory.

You may drop in weight for a bit, but it will help you in the long run. One other squat will help and that's bottom squats. What that does is helps you get your body in the position you need to be in for the explosion out of the hole and creates the muscle memory. Being a non-shw, tall squatter using a conventional stance is tricky, but I think it feels more natural.


damn thats a narrow squat for some one of ur height, ive tried squats like that and can never make it past 225, after your meet i would try widening it and adapting the different muscles for it.


i'd definitely agree with everyone so far.. your feet are much too close together for a guy as tall as you.. im 5'9 ish and my squat stance is significantly wider then that.


Again widen that stance.
However the main thing that struck me was the total lack of 'tightness'. Work those abs heavy + hard, also you might want to try some walk-outs or partials.


Will do.

Thanks for the advice man, I have a meet coming up, and I think I will look pretty stupid squatting like this.


When is your meet? With some small modifications to your routine, you could really surprise yourself. What weight class? 242's or 275's?


I definitely disagree. A good squat is a passed squat. You can perfect the technique after the meet, but you have nothing to feel self conscious about.


The only thing that matters is you and the weight. Get a minimum of 2 whites and it could be the "ugliest" squat in history, it's still a good squat.


your feet are so close together. that is why your knees shoot forward. its just a simple fact. nothing wrong wihth your squat.


it seems to me like you can handle that weight no problem. other then the already addressed problem i saw two things that stuck out in my mind.

1.) it didn't look like your elbows were being pushed forward. hard to tell thought. if not, make sure you point them bitches forward to lock that bar to your back nice and tight.

2.) your decent is FAST! that might give some problems slowing down and stopping at heavier weight. Make sure you can control it perfectly throughout.

Good luck at the meet dude!!


My meets next saturday and ill be competing in the 242's.


It looks like you might need some flexibility work, your hamstrings may be tight and your glutes are very flexible, is this right? That squat just has the look of your body trying to get around the tightness of the hamstrings. The wider stand would help as well, but it looks like there is another issue here, and Im putting my money on tighter hamstrings compared to your very flexible glutes.