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What's Wrong with My Shoulder?

Hello everyone, I’m currently in physical therapy for recovery of labrum tear surgery which I got from a hard fall playing soccer. It took about a year to finally happen because of insurance crap, within that year I had to work lifting about 50 pound objects, and I also wanted to start working out but I couldn’t because of my left shoulder. I noticed that my shoulder blade would raise really high on my left side, and my shoulder would also stick out and point forward to an extent.

I got my surgery, I’ve seen doctors, surgeons, and physical therapists, and told them about the discomfort with my shoulder and how much the blade pops out, but they all say it’s some sort of muscle weakness and to continue therapy. Yet, physical therapy has been pure crap, and the only reason my shoulder blade looks better in standing position is because I have been working on posture, however movement or flexing immediately causes it to raise. I hope someone here has an idea of what’s wrong or gone through this before, and would he able to give advice on exercises or what I could do to fix this. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Oh and excuse my scrawnyness, we all start small lol

I’d have to agree with your PT. These type of things need a lot of time to fix. I have the same thing. It’s taken me a long time for it to get better.

How much progress have you made? And which exercises helped you the most?!

Your shoulders in general look pretty protracted and stuck in upward rotation.

Do some prone Ys every day, if you’re not already.

Shit like this takes a REALLY long time to fix, so be patient.

In the meantime, what exercises cause you pain?

Both of my scapulae still wing a little. But not like they used to. Lots of upper back and scapula work. Do all of it. All the time.

I havent tried prone y’s before, definitely giving that a try, ive been working with a lot of elastic bands, theres still moderate pain because of the surgery and weakness but im managing pretty good. I think the best exercise i feel is targetting my scapula and causing really good pain is lateral flag presses. Ive read about push up plus, attempted it, but its still a bit hard but ill keep working on it. If there are any more exercises you guys can name that would be great. Looks like im going to need A LOT of patience for this lol

Mine used to wing a good bit. I just became hyper aware of my posture (which is really annoying but helpful), and a butt ton of upper back and various pulling. Made it quite a bit better. Always try to find a good PT as well.

use your bands for these

I had surgery on my shoulder last year (torn labrum from 2 to 6) and I have similar problems to you.
I would stick to dumbell exercises to start with as it works your stabilisers you you get a solid shoulder.
I would definitely reccomend getting a personal trainer as they can help with your movement patterns and advise the best way forward.