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Whats Wrong with my Rear Delt/Rhomboid/Trap

i need some help on diagnosing (which i know some will say see go to an athletic therapist or something along similiar lines) or just learning what this discomfort is.
I think its important to note it as discomfort in my rear delt/rhomboid/ mid trap aread anytime i do a bench or press type movement these muscles feel like they knot up and restrict the motion causing my left arm to work much harder to complete the rep.
then throughout the day i can feel those muscles in a much different way than the other side of my body, almost like they are inflamed or bigger because i can just feel and notice them throughout the entire day. I wish i could describe it better than that but i cant. i would just like a basic insight on what this could be, is it an actual injury, do i have something slightly torn, does it need massage or mobility work?

Check yourself in the mirror.

Is the bad shoulder higher than the other one?
How are your hips, knees and feet?

I had a similar situation with my shoulder I could not fix.

It turned out my hips were sorta crooked, so I carried the left shoulder high. Anytime I tried to press, it got jammed up. Sometimes its called “Upper Cross Syndrome.”

Hard to tell without pictures or video of lift.

Might be a facial adhesion or a weakness in underactive muscles that aren’t used to being loaded, giving you some pain.

Probable tight/overactive:
Upper traps
Inhibit and Lengthen

Probable weak/underactive:
Middle and lower traps
Activate and Integrate