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Whats Wrong with my Left Bicep?


It looks really odd, like there's a piece of it cut of when connecting to the shoulder, compared to my right one it looks wonky as hell. its also EXTREMELY soft and when relaxed it kinda droops down and when i flex it it jumps right back up.

Inb4 small, yea i know but this has actually been bothering me a bit and im not sure if i have a problem or not need some insight


Lots of people asymmetrical insertion points on the same muscle groups......my quads and triceps left side and right side look dramatically different due to different insertion points

Now go build some muscle, i reccomend calorie surplus and weight training


You're perfectly fine


they look pretty identical to me, i believe you may be suffering from haventtrainedenough syndrome. just focus on growing and they will look better


Its small....might want to check the right one too


I always wondered this, cause i swear my right bicep inserts a little higher than my left, annoys the shit out of me but hey what can ya do.


They look pretty much the same to the rest of us. Mine are more asymmetrical than that. Hell, Arnold's were waaay more asymmetrical than that.

Never worry about this again as long as you live.



Seriously, take the comment about Arnold and quickly google a shot of him hitting a front double bicep pose. You will easily see one side that has a nice long muscle belly, while the other side displays a higher peak, yet definitely shorter looking muscle. Of course when your arms are around 20" a piece, no one nit picks.

Genetics determine your muscle shapes, and if yours are a little different, don't sweat it. If one is smaller due to the other being naturally dominant, it may catch up, it may not, but I promise that no one else will notice, nor even care.

You've got too much work to do if you honestly want to build some muscle to be worrying about such a silly little thing.




This is also 1,000% normal for someone at your stage of development. Don't sweat it, just keep putting the work in and training (everything, not just biceps).


Look at how asymmetric Arnold's biceps were! No wonder he was such a dismal failure in BBing. ;^)


Is there even a bicep in that photograph? I can't see one...

...I'm just messing with you kid. You're fine, now go life weights and eat cheeseburgers


Looks like a clear case of aids. Sorry brah.


There's an Asshole in every crowd.


This is exactly how my biceps are (relatively) my right is longer and fuller, my left is shorter and peaks better. Hopefully that means my biceps will looks as sexy as Arnie's when my arms are 20" lol


LOL that was good for a chuckle or two