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What's Wrong with My Knee?


Right, bout 2 years ago, I was playing rugby and some bloke decieded to take my knee with the ball, he hit the outside of my knee. Now I went down like a sack of shit, and felt horrible sick and could not bend my knee for bout a week, then suddenly the pain dissapered. But ever sice then my knee flares up from time to time, but the wierd thing is my fibula and tibia ache before my knee starts; sort of a pre warning that I am gunna be in pain for the next couple of days.

Also my knee feels: 1. like it gunna pop out, 2. like thier is a bubble underneath it, and my lower part of the knee has stated to kill of late as well. Been to the osteopath twice, he not sure due to the fact I never have pain in the same part of the knee, he might think I have torne my meniscus or a ligiment ot tendon, got to have a scan to see what I have done, just woundering if any 1 here has had the same problem or had any idea to what I have done?


The knee is host to a whole load of different problems, so it's difficult to put a finger on what it could be. The pain below the knee sounds like it could be the patellar tendon, which could signal patellafemoral syndrome, but the sensation below the kneecap (as well as the initial difficulty with bending the knee) could signal chondromalacia patella, which involves irritation of the cartillage below the kneecap. There's also things like the effect of the IT-Band on the tracking of the patella. With luck, the scan should help give you a more definite answer.