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Whats Wrong with my Bench?

So i started doing starting strength a little over 2 months ago and I cant seem to increase my bench, which is at a low weight.
My weight is around 170 lbs and my squat has went up to 225 and dead lift around 260. But my bench is stuck at 115.
A week ago i got the 115 for 4 reps but since then (around two bench sessions) im at 115 for 1 rep.
Does anyone have any ideas as why this might be happening?

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Because you’re not doing this:

what kind of volume did you do before the 2 sets of 115?

As low as your bench is, im guessing it’s your form like JayPierce is saying. Work on it. Also, after you do the day as written, you could try doing a lighter weight (maybe like 65-70 lbs, you’ll have to experiment a little and find a weight that is slightly hard to do but not impossible) and do a few sets of 10 to help get a feel for the movement. A lot of beginning trouble with a lift is just getting comfortable with it and having your body learn the movement.

If you want to press more, press more.

Increase your frequency,follow a proven program,eat well,fix your form,watch the videos,and watch it skyrocket.

The problem with Starting Strength is that everybody has bench problems. When you only bench 3X every 2 weeks, you can see why, especially for a beginner; that’s why I dislike the program…it has great Squat/Deadlift progress,but poor Benching and Pressing.

Look up Reg Parks 5x5, the program is essentially the same except you Bench AND Press 3x a week in the same session and you get much stronger and bigger much faster.

I had my first bench stall at 185 from 45x4, and in my first reset got to 225x2, and it’s still going!

Try it out, it will work well, it’s such a good program; but also watch the videos on form, I bet it will help leaps and bounds.

Make sure you have strong triceps,lats,bicep stabilizers,and shoulders

move on to 5/3/1 or Texas method