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What's Wrong With My Back?


4weeks ago i injured my back while doing Deadlifts.
The pain/ache only appeared the day after doing Deadlifts. This sore feeling lasted for 4-5 days. Also during the 4-5days of pain my movement was limited. I stopped training in order to heal.

So, yesterday after 4 weeks resting, i started to do some light training, mainly cardio, bit of abs workout, just to slowly ease my way into training. after yesterdays session, my back had a dull ache, middle of the back but more towards the left side.
It doesn't hurt, but it is a dull ache and my back just seems like it will ache if i try to do anything thats slightly strenuous.

Im not sure what kind of injury it is, but my doctor said it wasn't serious, and its definately just muscular.(i went to see him 4weeks ago when the injury occured).

What sort of injury do you think it is?
How long should i wait until i can train again?

I really hate not being able to train.