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What's Wrong With Multivitamins?


Didn't want to flood the Flameout thread but:

excuse my ignorance, but whats wrong with centrum and other multivitamins?


I think someone answered it basically, most vitamins are full of di-calcium phosphate or similar as a binder which inhibits the aborption of other minerals. Usually the doses of vitamins aren't great in stuff like centrum and the Vitamin E is not mixed tocopherols.

Taking a multi mineral which is calcium free might be an idea then taking b-vits, C, E etc separarately along with ZMA at night. Its a bit complicated.


I really don't rely on vitamin supplements for my main source of vitamins.My friend was taking centrum and was always getting colds and stuff.I told her to find a whole food supplement and start eating more fruits and vegetables.She's much better now.I wouln't rely on vitamin supplements as my main source of vitamins.Eat enough fruits and vegetables,then use a good vitmain supplement or whole food supplement.


I Don't think there's anything wrong with "multi's" persay, however; I believe centrum uses shitty binders in their product, that you don't really digest. I could be wrong, but thats what I seem to remember as it relates to "centum".


Does anyone have an idea how good the Animal Stack vitamin packs are supposed to be?


You are correct.

Binders, many a centrum have been seen in X-rays hours later intact in the intestine.


notafob wrote:

excuse my ignorance but whats wrong with centrum?

The problem with most multi's, not just centrum, is that they dump all sorts of vitamins and minerals together and most are either poorly absorbed or cause interraction problems, not to mention calcium inhibits mineral absorbtion.

They could improve greatly by just seperating the vitamins from the minerals and ditching the calcium. Ya know, have a bottle of 90 caps, 45 blue and 45 red, the red being minerals and the blue vitamins, and takin at seperate times of the day. That would be a first good step. But they won't. Biotest will eventually have to show everyone they way (again). Either way, nobody is really sure exactly what to put with what and a lot of research is needed


"Ascorbic Acid is not Vitamin C"

Better to get whole food vitamins and minerals. Chelated minerals are fine too, and perhaps bonded vitamins like Ester-C.

But the Sam's Club vitamins just get pissed out at best, or leech from your body at worst, to complete the vitamin formula.

Try a greens powder instead.


I still take them every day, but usually go with whole food or something along those lines and Biotest ZMA. Probably not the best system out there but my thinking is it cant hurt especially when your using up all that stuff by working out. Of course this could be wrong. Anyone know if these vitamins are just of questionable usefullness of if they can actualy be harmful?


Di-calcium phosphate was the primary chemical in the old cybergenics formulas. Scary...


I am also curious about this. A buddy of mine just got them.



I take an animal pak daily.
Started on them about 2-3 months ago.
I LOVE them. When i started taking them it felt like someone turned the lights on.
I've felt a lot more alert and energetic, not just in the gym but at work as well.

They are a bit of an overdose, my pee is basically neon, but i've definitely felt a major improvement.


I wouldn't take my ZMA with any other vitamin supplement. Your basically wasting your ZMA.


how so? I dont mean at the same time. Usually multi in the morning ZMA before bed.


I 2nd this. Been taking Animal Pak for about a year now. (One pak a day). Love em'. I noticed after using them for a while, I just seem more alert, steady energy, and frankly, I haven't been sick in a REALLY long time. There a little expensive, and maybe a little overkill, but I still do believe they are the best multi you can buy.


Ah gotcha...thought you meant at the same time.

You try out the Greens + thing out yet? Ive seen some great results from it.


I agree. They are pretty good, and your urine glows. One pack a day and one multi for me does the trick.


I second that. All of it.


You could just not use a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Just purchase the vitamins and minerals you're interested in. I take one quarter of a children's vitamin/mineral in the morning, and another quarter at night. I take other vitamins and minerals at the same time, usually a quarter or half tablet.