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What's Wrong With Mike Tice?



There was the SuperBowl ticket scalping stuff...and the "uproar" about his players gettin' nasty on a boat...

But isn't Mike Tice a great (at least good?) Coach?

I thought for sure that someone like the Raiders would at least be talking to him.

Is he "damaged goods"? Or not as good as I think he is?

Your thoughts.



I lost a little bit of respect for him when he got pissed and challenged any of his players to a fist fight... very professional.

Beyond that, he's a former O-liner, and I can't stand O-Lineman, so that's another negative in my book.

I'm sure he'll get picked up somewhere, but he's had a ton of talent at Minnesota and not done much with it, hence the coaching vacancy, in my opinion.


He's not that good a coach. He got the nickname Meathead for a reason. The Vikings did pretty well this year in spite of injuries and orgies, but their division and conference sucked. You could do a lot better than Mike Tice. You could do worse too though. Herm Edwards doesn't strike me as any better, TERRIBLE game day coach, and the Chiefs couldn't wait to get their hands on him.


Nothing wrong with the guy, could be a better coach could be a worse coach, they just drew his straw when they were drawing for scapegoat.


Oh, boy!

I heard on " Pardon the Interruption" that Tice might be on "Sunday/Monday Night Football".

Now...I think that he would be okay as a Coach...but do we need another Sargusa giving football commentary?




I was surpirsed when he got fired. Sure his players got bad pubilicity for the whole boat thing but he managed to turn that season around and damn near make the playoffs. I thought another team would've pick him up but i guess not.



I think that's was surprised a lot of people (including Tice).

There was all this talk about how he had "saved" his job because of how strong the Vikings had ended the season.

Should be interesting.

Anyone know who the Raiders are looking at?



What's your problem with O-lineman? That may be the oddest statement I've ever heard.


Did you play D-Line?

I thought Tice was a decent coach but the team has not played up to its perceived potential.

I think the new owner gave him one year. They had a mediocre season plus all the off field stuff. Time for a change.


O-lineman are taught solely how to cheat and get away with it. There are plenty of them that are okay guys off the field, but if you played D-line, yes, O-lineman are pricks, and it's not vice-versa.

And Zap, yes I played D-line, Defensive End to be exact.


You shouldn't base your opinions solely on what the Denver Broncos do.

I played O-line and never cheated. Unless it was to get back at some prick of D-lineman.

Seriously, its like anything else. You have your Conrad Dobler's in all walks of life.

Couldn't resist the Broncos slam either.



haha, slam the Broncos all you want, I'm a Steelers fan.

As for what I'm basing it on, it's my 6 years of experience playing against offensive lineman, which was basically 6 years of illegal holding, choking, and punching, hence my grudge. They just play dirty, blind sided cut blocks come to mind...


It's called runaway ego....Not all that uncommon.


Offensive linemen have to cheat. If they let the defensive linemen beat them on one or two plays they let up sacks and everyone thinks they have had a bad game.

A defensive lineman can get blocked on 29 pass plays but if he gets one sack everyone talks about what a great game he had.


Last I heard they were talking to Lofton and Saunders...but I haven't heard in about a week.


I totally agree, I played D-line up to college, where I moved to Middle Linebacker, and O-linemen are nothing more than crybabys and cheaters!