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What's Wrong Here?

Hey, newbie with gear here. Ive been on dbols for 3wks already with no gains in wieght, and very marginal gains in strength. Im up to 40g/day and my calorie intake is at about 4000kcal/day. Protien intake is at 2g/lb of bodywieght. So my question is, since dbols are so anabolic and have great water rentention, where are the results? Am i being too overanxious

3 weeks at 40mg a day with no weight gain = fake dbol. You should have gained around 5lbs in week 1 alone.

I think TurboGTI is right… you might have been scammed. You should begin to see and “feel” the effects of DBol within the very first week. Dbol has a half-life of about 6 hours. The chemical enters the blood stream almost immediately.

Your stuff does sound bogus. Bump it up to 50mgs a day, eat like a horse, and if you still feel nothing, then it’s for sure that you have been had. What brand are you using?

[quote]turbogti wrote:
3 weeks at 40mg a day with no weight gain = fake dbol. You should have gained around 5lbs in week 1 alone.[/quote]

I concur w/ the bogus dbol…However w/ the amt. of cals. and protein that you’re consuming, you should be gaining a pretty good amt. of weight and strength depending on your stats.
Keep lifting that heavy iron.


hey guys, yea not much wieght gain at all, but if its any help, my sleeping patterns lately have been a bit off. But i really doubt that is any reason the gear isnt working. The d-bols im taking are in capsule form. 10mg. Are packaged in a bottle like tylenol. Label reads “Anvil Laboratories” Anyone ever taken something like this?

Heres how to guess if you have dbol or dont. Dissolve one on your tongue. It might taste sweet right at the start, then it should taste kind of bitter and chalky with a chemical kind of aftertaste. After you’ve swallowed it, you should start feeling just generally great within a half hour or so.

You could also try to find a picture of the dbol you have on the internet somewhere to see if its real or fake. It sounds to me like you might have been ripped off though. You’re on a pretty heavy dose, i would expect to see much greater gains than what you describe.

well if these are fake, then whoever made these have done their homework. I tried what u said, and it was exactly how you said it. Bitter taste, very chalky with a chemical aftertaste.

Anvil Labratories…hmmm, sounds like a bathtub pharmacy to me. In a casule form too? My general rule-of-thumb is to never trust ANY orals from any underground labs.

There are some awesome underground labs who make some good intramuscular shit, but the orals have always seemed “iffy” to me, EXCEPT for a few, that I can count on one hand.

Next time, try to score your orals from an imported pharmaceutical like some Thai “pink stop signs”, Metanabol from Russia, Naposims from Romania, etc. Good luck.

Starting wk4. Now starting to see some big gains in strength on the presses. But still no gains in wieght. What gives?

You might have dbol, but significantly underdosed. Or, you might have methyltest, which is what is usually used to make fake dbol tabs. If you’re noticing a strength increase like you’ve been saying you likely have some type of juice, but its definetly not 5mg dbol if you’ve gone 4 weeks and havent noticed some serious weight gain. Either way, i think you’ve got crap tabs right now, and i’d stop taking them.