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What's Worse Than Being a Vegan?


Being a vegan who completely neglects everything else logical and sane about nutrition.

I work with a guy who is a hard core vegan - as in no animals or animal products. Eggs, butter, dairy - all out.

This would by itself be foolish, but he compounds it by replacing meat with tons and tons of soy-derived products, eating hydrogenated oils like they were going out of style and of course, white breads like nobody's business.

If I were going to give advice about nutrition to a newbie, I would start, regardless of his goals by saying avoid processed grains, hydrogenated oils and soy.

This guy drives me insane!

So you know, we're both very lean, but I have about 40 pounds on him - muscle from my barbaric omnivorious quality.

Scary how some people can be infulenced to fanatacism, even at the cost of their own health.


I'm a level 5 vegan I don't eat anything thats casts a shadow


I wrote a research paper on veganism my freshman year in college. It's remarkable what protein deprivation can do to the human body...


PWNT! I'm a lvl.99 Dwarven Vegan, one of my class skills is "Dream Food". I can't eat food, only dream about it all day. Its pretty sweet, my strength is up to 3 now. Stupid fighters with 21s for strength.


Mmmmmm steak....


I hope you guys realize that people are vegan, not to be healthy, but for moral reasons.


Thou shalt not steal quotes from thine Simpsons without quotation marks, lest thee wisheth to be slain by the almighty wrath of Jebus! :wink:


I think I'll have two steaks for dinner tonight. Then chase it with some chicken!


I thought this was going to be a joke! We need a good punch line for this....


translation into "prof X" I think I'll have two servings of Richard Simmons, then chase it with some children.


If something on my plate didn't die, then it's not a meal.


Fully aware. Still don't give a damn.


I completely understand and respect this type of vegan. However, the vast majority of vegetarians/vegans I know do it "to be healthy." They have the notion that meat is evil and will poison your body.

On a related note, I am working on converting to free-range beef/chicken/etc. I respect that the delicious steak I am eating was once alive. For that reason, I feel it is more ethical to eat a cow that was able to move around a little bit during its life. It is not quite as good as doing all my own hunting, but better than eating cows from feed lots. And the meat is healthier.

For the moral vegans, I personally don't feel that we were intended to not eat animals. If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why do they taste so damn good?



The fact that these vegan creatures don't eat other creatures, makes me want to eat them.... The vegans... I want to eat them. Is that immoral?


Oh yeah, they know plants can feel pain right? I think vegans are just plant hating assholes. I on the otherhand, am balanced, and unbiased in my consumption of other living beings!


In Prof. X's defence, people taste great, especially babies. The very best people to eat are fetus', preferably still fresh.


I see no problem with it. But it may just make you weaker and start sprouting little vaginas all over your body. Damn hippies.


If you call new-age hippie bullshit morality, then ya, I guess so.


My Strategy...


Nice maddox reference.