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What's With This Dream?


Well, I had this dream last night (or this morning, if you think that way), where I went to copenhagen with a friend. I then when thorugh a doorway into a kind of underground room with windows in the roof, that you could peer into from the street up top.

I then proceeded to sit and take a crap on the toilet, with lots of people staring down through(the room was well lit from the ceiling windows, and had lots of other toilets in the room, but they were not in cubicles, just toilets dotted around the room).

If that was strange, next I saw people that I had previously known (from about 2/3 years back, when I was at high school), and they were laughing at me. I then proceeded to threaten them, whilst sitting on the crapper, and having a splurgy crap as well, I remember, pointing at each of them say "I'm gonna fucking kick the shi* out of you, and kill you" to each of them. Then I woke up. Luckily I hadn't soiled myself

Can anyone help explain why I'd have a dream like this?

Anyone? I mean why Copenhagen for Godsake!


Copenhagen is currently offering two-for-one on their frequent dreamer miles program.


It sounds like a case of subconsciously repressed homosexuality and voyeuristic fecalphilia.


Are these high school "friends" male?

Getting flushed in your dreams implies homosexuality. Copenhagen is a mecca of gay pride. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I see you're from England, so you're not Senator Craig.



It could be a variety of things, but seems to point at some type of vulnerability issue. Worried more then usual about anything lately?



I have to agree with the other posters. Definitely homosexual connotations.


Sometimes a toilet is just a toilet...


You caught the gay.


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Don't eat tacos before you go to bed.


Dude... did you expect a serious answer to your dream issue about poopy at T-Nation?


You are unhappy with who you are. You are afraid other people will find out how "shitty" you are and that makes you angry.


Shit, if your not joking, then that is quite fuked up for me. And yes, they are guys, but there people that I really hated from my school. I'm not gay, or maybe I am subconsiously. lol. That explains copenhagen

The fact that I have moved to Uni, and so live somewhere new and scary may be something to do with it, and that I have met new people.


Yeah, you probably aren't gay. Maybe bisexual.


Hummm...But I don't like anal (with guys)

I get that people are joking, on here, I'm not really fussed anyway as I don't know any of you (I think at least), I just thought it better to ask someone I don't know than ask someone I know and get laughed at (someone with psychology knowledge).

It's just that I thought you were going to take the piss as its hard to tell over the internet how people are saying something (its easier to tell the tone of someone saying something face to face).

And anyway, where would I start on the internet, lol, I'd type in 'dreams whilst taking a crap in copenhagen'. Actualy I shall google dreams.

Maybe my lesbian friend can help, she has nice boobs.


Why thankyou. And yes I agree that some of it is weird, but I've had weird-er dreams that I can't remember. This one just stuck in my mind the whole day after I had it.


Senator Craig? Is that a previous/post T-Nation member? If so, do enlighten me so I can hopefully forget my dream with something funnier.


I what does it mean when I dream about eating out a girl that I have known as a friend of 16 years?


I used to think anal sex with guys would suck. I mean, who wants to look at another guy's ass?

Now they just call me Mike Piazza.


I'm guessing more American jokes. Damn.