What's with these people...?

I messed up my back foolin’ around with a girl about 2 months ago, and am just starting to get back into some heavy-ish lifting. But in the last 4 weeks I’ve been doing rehab stuff, and had virtually EVERYONE in the gym(especially the tools that work there) say it must’ve been from all the deadlifts, straight leg deads, goodmornings, etc… that I do. I’m about the only one that does them, and I’m forever having people tell me I shouldn’t ‘cos it’ll mess me up. And now they come to me with ‘I told you so’ grins trying to make out like I’m a friggen’ idiot. It just gets worse when I tell them the physio recommended some of those exercises for advanced rehab work… hehehe. I guess it’ll just get worse when I perfect my power-cleans and start throwing some serious weight through the air. Anyway, I guess I’m just dissapointed with people in general. I’m done… [grin] Cheers.

It musta been those deadlifts. :slight_smile:

One time i was squatting(and i mean leave a stain on the floor) 405 and between reps this fucker that works in the computer lab told me that i was going to mess up my knees. I told him fuck you on the way up. hahahahahahahah. dont fuck with people in the middle of a set. thats asking for trouble.

nah, the good mornings must’ve done it!

ahhhhh… you must know the same people who’ve been telling me that protein is bad for your kindeys !! small world :slight_smile:

Dude, stop doing the deadlifts and start eating soy. he he he

Next time someone comments about squats and deads hurting your back, have them show you how they “curl”! Just about every “fitness” junkie will grab the bar, jam their hips forward, wrench their back backwards, etc. Then just laugh and say something witty, like “yeah, compared to those ‘curls’ squats are real dangerous!”