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What's With the Shoe?


Okay, so I've been training seriously for 7 years now and I visit this site occasionally and I read people's posts talking about taking a picture of themselves while holding a shoe...is this some sort of T-Nation inside joke or is there an actual point to this? Can anybody explain this to me?


Dude posted a can you guess my bodyfat and he was posing holdin a shoe. Since then he has been the butt of the jokes.


It helps people judge your bodyfat more accurately. By having a comparison of a shoe in the picture one can determine what type of lighting the picture was taken in and we all know that lighting affects how defined you look in a picture, so as a result people can give you a better estimate of your bodyfat percentage. It is a well established rule of thumb.


shit, now my joke post will make no sense.


Long running joke. Over three years old and it's still getting mileage.



ahah. My bad man. I wasn't even thinkin about screwing with this guy. Dang, could have been funny.