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What's With the Shoe?


hey folks,whats with the shoe reference in peoples pics? ive read some pretty funny posts with it mentioned, but what does it actually pertain to?



Pretty self-explanatory.


I just wasted half an hour reading over that entire thread again.

And it was worth it.



Yeah, All hail the shoe!!!


The memories . . . . (tear) lol


How did I miss this?


that thread should have a permanent sticky at the top.


The shoe thread has become legend around here.

How could it not be?


Put the shoe on your head.


Respect the shoe.


Was it vroom who made the thread for beginners with links to all the important articles? I sure hope the shoe thread was top of the list!!


That thread can always be beaten.




hahaha good shit...




Hahahahah wholy shit man, first time seeing that for me! LOL!!!


Same here. that's priceless!



I have to disagree. The sheer talent that went into the photoshopping of eliteballa shoe pic is friggin amazing!. I almost pissed myself when it was discovered.

I wish photoshop guys would go back to work.