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What's with the Half-Rep Bench Epidemic??


I don't know if it's just me, or the gyms I've been going to, or WHAT!! But lately almost everyone I see benching at the gym only does half reps. They like to load up the bar, bring it MAYBE halfway down, then drive it back up again! WTF!! Well here's a newsflash for all you "studs" who bench that way. That's NOT a bench Press!! That's a HALF-REP bench press.

So if anyone ever asks you what you can bench, be sure to tell them "Well, I can half-rep 225" or whatever it is you're doing? There is a time and a place for half reps, but if all you're doing is half reps, then that's what you're benching....HALF A REP!!


And your point is?



I know right?? What's up wit dat!


Agreed. But, i'll just continue with my full correct form reps and let them keep thinking they be on my level hoe, git on it!


Is this the new generations version of the ass off the bench type of bench that many of us old timers witnessed in the 1970's? The rage back then was bouncing, butt off the bench, arching,and the rational was "I did it, can you?"

Ego is a funny thing.


i see this shit all the time....but i was guilty of it when i first started lifting. lol


Someone move this to GAL. Yes there have been a million threads about people half squatting, half benching, etc. etc. etc. when all it comes down to is that it does not effect you what so ever and just focus on doing the things you do, correctly.


They probably say the same thing when they see me doing board press or dead stop pin presses. I always assume people who work out differently than me have different goals than I do. Sometimes it looks like their goal is to be small and weak and hurt themselves, but thats ok by me.






I try and tell myself "who cares, it's there body they aren't training right" but what bugs me to no end is that you know for a fact that when they leave them gym they tell everyone they can bench 225, 315 or what ever they happened to barely bend their elbow on that day. I compete in a drug tested, raw fed so my numbers aren't THAT high. So people always ask the famous question... and then I get the most poular anwser "oh I do this much (instert half rep max here). That crap bugs me soooo much.

you never get this on deadlift though..... hmmm?



Good points Tom, and that's the way I see it too. Good pic by the way!! Is that at Camp Pendleton? That rock looks familiar!! lol! I did the 1st ever Camp Pendleton Strongest Warrior back in like 1999. I got second overall out of 41 people, so I was pretty stoked with that. It definitely gives you a new respect for those monsters you see on TV doing the WSM contest. Good Stuff!


Yeah that's Pendleton!! Good eye man. I also got 2nd out of about 50+ guys. 1st in the 200lb weight class. they gave us some bad as dagger trophies. My whole family came down to watch. Good times. what a small world. Here's my HMMWV pull video:


Oh YEEESSSSS!!! Good pull man!! That brings back memories! Are they still doing it over at Margarita, cause they have definitely changed things there if it is. It kinda looks like Del Mar a little. We did ours on the grinder they had over there at Margarita, and we didn't have a pull rope, just a harness. You raised your hand when you were ready to start, and stayed down and basically mountain climbed the whole way. And how much did that rock weigh? I seriously think it was the same one that we used....and ours was like 245 lbs I think. Good times out there for sure. I was out at Pendleton for 8 years!! Of course a few of those were spent OCONUS! I just retired in April after almost 22 1/2 years. Let me tell you man....retirement is a beautiful thing.

Semper Fi!!



DAVE!! I thought that was you. hahaha. It's tom, from the Lejeune bench contest. So when are we going to train?? Shoot me a text!


Good thread. That pisses me off too. So do these people who do a halfway decent bench set with say, 185, then do 50 fucking crunches, and maybe some cable triceps pushdowns, and walk back to the bench press and do 225 for a hideous half rep, and glare at me like the only reason I'm stronger is from steroids, that I couldn't POSSIBLY have a better strength program than them. (I've made huge gains doing 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 5-3-1, etc.).

And yes I understand the concepts of supersets. I did several today that damn near blew my heart up, but that's not what these people are doing. They're just being idiots. And I help quite a few people in the gym with things. I just helped 2 guys with their squat this past weekend. But most of these annoying half rep people also have an attitude and don't want my help at all.


wish i had someone like you at my gym to help me with my sqaut lol. It's weird because i see people doin stupid stuff all the time but im not experienced enough to know how to get my sqaut form right but i can tell they arent doin it right lol.


it is common to perform half reps for shoulder health
my pal even told me his trainer told him
NOT to go all the way down
cause its bad for the shoulders

i asked him
why doesn't he just learn how to fucking bench
and even tried to show him
but he said tucking and squeezing and taking it low and using lats takes his pecs out

and he does bench for pecs

I also showed him floor press
but he thinks he's too good to hit the deck


That was a beautiful poem.


That's why the deadlift is cool.
And the box squat, too. At least it has a fixed ROM (and you are thoroughly 'effed if you bounce)