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Whats with the fat burning topical gel in M&F?

The stuff is called Cutting Gel and is on about the 10th page of the new Muscle and Fitness. It says its a transdermal penetrating gel, that basically releases the fat into your bloodstream. The “generic” name for it on the box is Epidril. Costs $89.00 for 30 months worth.
Now, this is most likely a scam, and complete bullshit.
But… didn’t somebody mention Biotest coming out with a product similar, or even better?
That would actually be really cool if they did come out with something that actually worked the way they say. Shit, that last bit around the stomach wouldn’t be so hard to get rid of.

yeah, i saw the same thing in an ad in GNCs magazine about a week ago. i think i will wait for biotests version though. hopefully it will be out soon??? are you sure it was 30 months, i thought i had read 30 days?

Yes, Biotest did purport to develop such a product–I inquired about it on this very forum once and Bill R. replied that it’s almost “ready to go”, but since then we haven’t heard anything about it. I figure Biotest is planning an explosion of long-awaited supplements: T-17e, N-17e, spot reduction topical, low-carb Grow, Grow bars, Euphoria, and more.

Nic, you’re right. I didn’t realize I wrote months. lol.

Akicita, you could be right. Hopefully you are, and hopefully it will all be released before summer time comes around.

Think about this too… If biotest makes the product, and the stuff really works, thats gonna set an entirely new standard for T-Men, bodybuilders, and anyone who cares about getting lean. There’s gonna be a lot more ripped people out there.

On the downside... what if everyone and their brother uses it, and being ripped loses its mystique. Shit, maybe even that fat guy eating chips and complaining about not being able to lose fat in Brocks recent atomic dog can get ripped? Could cardio become a thing of the past?.... T-mag could introduce the pizza and beer diet... T.C. could write articles about how hot chicks in panties could rub the gel on you... Muscle Media will write columns on the best way to shave your body before applying the gel...

Whoa, this could be a big year in the supplement industry. LOL

Biotest’s topical fat loss suplement will not negate the need to reduce calories, since it doesn’t actually destroy calories, it only releases them from fat cells. This is still good news, however, as it means you could lose fat and add muscle simultaneously, and also get to a very low body fat without worrying about losing muscle.

Yeah how great would this product be if it were out in time for summer…to shed that last % of body fat…if anyone tries this product out of M + F…let us know…cause if it works you can bet that the Biotest version will blow it out of the water!!!

Your biggest problem is not the fat around your waist…but the fact that you STILL read M & F.