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What's With My Wrists?

So i been working on the clean and jerk for some weeks now. i’ve been trying to practice my form at low weight because, as my friend paul puts it so eloquently, “no offense, but you don’t have a bit of explosiveness in you.” haha, so i’ve been practicing, but i noticed i am having a hard time getting the rack right where the bar/weight is resting on my shoulders with my wrists bent back, etc. so anyway, i’ve just taken a week off for finals. because of this, i was trying to do some body-weight exercises i found from past articles, but naturally, the first thing i started out with was a a set of push ups. unfortunately, my wrists wouldn’t bend all the way when i tried to get in the position to do push ups. it almost registered as pain until i rested on my haunches and bent my wrist back. there’s this lump that has formed on the joint of my wrist and arm… i’m thinking it’s calcium deposits. and they’ve formed on both wrists. is this common? is this a result of my [bad] form during the rack portion of the clean? i’m kinda confused and while not scared, it kinda concerns me since this sort of bone or muscle or whatever it is that formed is impeding me from being able to do a flat handed push up.

on another note, the new t-nation is FUCKING KICK ASS!@#!

Could be a cyst, if so no big deal. just go to doctor and he’ll fix ya up. people get cysts all the time, usually from overuse of the joint. A friend of mine, a twirler, got one the size of a golf ball on her wrist. go to a doctor and get it checked out. It’s probably nothing.

Hey Mikeizm,

He’s right about seeing the doc. I took a fastball to my left wrist during a Babe Ruth game in H.S. and within two years, a cist popped up and stopped me from using my wrist altogether. It had gotten so big that it had to be cut out. Then eight years later, I was in a wrech and it came back. I ended up having a second operation to remove it. If you get to the doc in time, he may be able to drain it with a needle so that your wrist doesn’t look like mine. So if you want to keep lifting; go see the doc.

were are your’s soft? mine feel like bone