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I’ve been prowling on this website for about a year now and decided its time to become a little bit more involved. I’m a personal trainer for Anytime Fitness in Socal. I went to NPTI to get certified in mid 09. Since I’ve graduated I’ve lost about 60lbs. Of course it should be more but I haven’t always had a gym to train at and with horrible knees and a messed up hip it’s not much fun to go for runs.

Right now I’m at 265lbs( it fluctuates from 260-265) at 6’4. I have a messed up shoulder so I can’t bench very much. back in the day I was doing 3x8 with 285. Now I just do all dumbell work and I usually use 75-85. My squat is up to 270 and my dead lift is around 255.

I’m not really into increasing my strength as much as just trying to lean down right now. I’d like to get down to around 220-225. I was 205 in highshool and didn’t have any muschle at all. I’d like to be able to get my sqat up to 300 and dead lift up to 280. It’s hard with long legs and again my knee and hip injuries play into it as well.

sweet dude welcome to the party

Thanks man