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What's Up With the Relationship Posts?

As Seinfeld would say, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” Just an observation, but there seems to be a lot of them popping up these days. Holiday/Winter funk, perhaps?

Thinkin the same thing. Cant wait to post my relationship problems. Seriously, its nice to get an unbiased oppinion from your fellow Tman, and Twoman. Some of the advice given here is priceless. “Its gold Jerry! Gold!”

I know I’m more relationship-oriented in the fall and winter. I tend to focus on meaningless relationships in the warmer months, and I guess I try to find someone to hibernate with during the colder months. Not that it gets cold down here, though, in the sphincter of the south, South Carolina.

Man, I’ve got a relationship problem I’m going to post. It looks like these posts are piling high on the forum.