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What's Up With the China Study?


Several of my very close friends just read the China Study and they're all freaking out at me as I just finished the V-Diet. When I told them I've been consuming 220g of protein a day, they just about had an aneurism. For the past three weeks they've been trying to convince me to become a total vegetarian. I'm about ready to bash their fucking heads in.


In the interest of unbiased knowledge, I'm going to start reading it. Any thoughts about this study and it's validity? What's the deal?



Previous thread on it, with some discussion and links to further discussion for you to check out while this thread takes off.


What are you trying to do, live forever?


Take this advice. you won't live forever.


220 grams a day? I'm at 300 grams. I told a fellow classmate how much I consume. He said I take way too much. We'll do a flex off in the gym mirrors at the end of the semester.


It's the V-Diet. Chill out dude. Now that I'm off the V-Diet I'm consuming around 250. And how the fuck does that have anything to do with the China Study?

Why the flying fuck do I care if you're having a goddamn fucking flex off with your classmate in the gym mirrors? Why not just have a fucking dick-sucking contest right there in the middle of the gym? It will probably look just as gay as your stupid fucking flex off. Seriously dude, what the fuck?

You sir, are a fucking idiot.

To New Damage:

Thanks a bunch man. I'm gonna read the book still, but all the studies and conversation that one link led me to has really helped shed some light on the issue. Much appreciated!


Relax man, why do you need to take offense when someone's saying you're not taking as much protein as they are, it's not an insult lol.

Regarding the China Study, there are so many researches about the health benefits/dangers of eating a lot of animal protein etc and many of them are based on misconceptions and even political agendas. There are researches that support both sides of the argument.

I got too confused and in the end, this is my conclusion; I rather be big and strong and die 3-5 years earlier than live 3-5 years longer but being a lot smaller and weaker. To me it's more about the quality of life rather than the quantity.


I agree completely with Taufiq. All I know about the China study is that it is Pro-vegetarian & pro-soy. There is to much contradiction in nutrition. You have to kind of do your own research, apply it & filter out what you think isn't working for you.


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lol throw a chill pill in there for good measure


Unfortunately the Cornell nutritional department as a whole has a MAJOR vegan/vegetarian slant. I'll just leave it at that for now, the previous thread that NewDamage posted has some very good information especially the Precision Nutrition thread on the subject.