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What's up with Staley and EDT?

Hey folks, I’ve been following the various programs highlighted here on T-Mag for quite some time now. I also get an email from Charles Staley’s Company with training tips. Since i’ve been so satisfied with the info I get here, i never really paid much attention to Staley. But for the hell of it, today I read his spiel on EDT training. He goes on about how trainers/companies tied to supplement manufacturers give people the run around and how he’s sick of that crap with people forking out coin … but then he goes to say how great his EDT program is but you have to buy the info… none of it is free!

Uhhhh, perhaps you haven’t been following T-Mag as closely as you think…there are a bunch of EDT training articles in previous online issues…

I’ve found details of the EDT workouts on this site and others. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now and really like it. I haven’t been doing the workout long enough to say for sure what the results will be, but I can tell you I’m sore as hell every day. Worth a try.

I guess i wasn’t totally clear on what I was trying to say. I know CS has interviewed Staley and there are basic principles of the program supplied with some samples.

Does the EDT ‘program’ that Staley sells via the net or the book contain info that the T-mag articles do not that would be vital to do the program properly. Is the program worth buying as opposed to just going by the articles?

Thanks for any feedback on your personal experiences.

Hi Mayfield,

So are you implying that Coach Staley is being hypocritical in wanting to earn a living from his knowledge?

I think what he is saying is that trainers and coaches can be bought (or at least rented) to promote the supplements and gear of companies they are tied to, that they would not ordinarily endorse, if they did not have that relationship.

Coach still needs to put food on the table and send his kids through school, right?

I hear what you’re saying Phatman, he does need to provide, and personally I think a lot of the stuff he talks about is great info, but I just don’t like it when one ‘expert’ bashes another for doing the same thing (selling his expertise) that the one he is criticizing is doing. Just a pet peeve of mine. I don’t think any one program is perfect and many have a great value to offer.

But moreover, what I really wanted to get were some opinions on EDT from the forum b/c the testimonials i’ve heard so far are incredible.

thats ok-i tried a staley program that was posted on here and posted that i was pleased with the results. he said if i e-mailed him a testimony and my address he would send me a free copy. i tried 3 times and got jack

Maybe he doesn’t respond to people who cannot capitalize and use correct punctuation.

Afdsaints, Staley’s offer is to send a book to anybody whose testimonial he USES in print.

I bought the EDT Arms book and felt that it was worth the money. He has a good program outlined in it, with some exercise combinations that you probably won’t think of on your own, and it’s a good look into how an EDT program can be “tiered” with various phases. Also has some good info about recovery that really isn’t stressed that much in the T-mag articles as I recall.

That said, if you read the T-mag articles and have a decent training background, there’s nothing in the books that will appear mind-shatteringly new to you. So to me it’s a question of whether you want to support Staley or not. I like his ideas, I’ve learned some pretty valuable stuff from him, and don’t mind giving him some of my money in return.

I will also probably buy his EDT Legs (if he ever writes one), but wouldn’t buy a back/chest EDT book. Again, personal preference, as my legs take a lot to grow even a little, whereas back and chest don’t.

As the others said, Coach Staley has provided a lot of info about EDT on here already for free. I don’t have a problem with him selling a book, he needs to make a living. I’ve bought two of his books before and thought they were well worth the money, especially Physically Incorrect.

I’ve read Coach Staley’s stuff for 5+ years now, and all the info he provides is great. Even other strength coaches talk about how good his ideas are. You should check him out.

Thanks, Char-dawg. That’s exactly the kind of info I’m looking for. I’m just finishing up a program and want to try something different. I’ve been tossed up between Poliquin-style training and EDT. They both sound great, but I think I’m leaning towards EDD first for a couple cycles.