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What's Up with Red Wine? +/-


I've heard both positives and negitives on red wine. Suppose to have antioxidents and be benefical to cholesterol (at a glass a day). And I like the taste.

Not sure if the positives outweigh negitives. I am sure it is a ton of carbs.

What are some thoughts on it? Any bodybuilder out there that use red wine or are there too many negitves?


You really need to read The Red Wine Diet by Roger Corder. http://www.amazon.com/Red-Wine-Diet-Roger-Corder/dp/1583332901 This is the red wine (health) bible and also a great resource for general nutrition.

Traditional french red wine, and similar, which is high in procyanadins is the healthiest kind of red wine and is quite different from the sweeter modern red wine sold in the supermarkets today. The carbs in 1 glass of red wine will not worry you and after reading the bookk I can't think of any negatives for men drinking red wine who are control of their drinking habits.


I thought red wine was relatively low carb?? Fermentation converts the sugars to alcohol??


What about Testosterone? I thought it killed your T?


I don't know how much effect 1 glass would have but I would bet that it is too small to bother about. Drunk at the end of the day it may even increase T due to its stress lowering effect!


i order wine when i take girls out on dates b/c it makes me look fancy


My understanding was that red wine was a natural anti-estrogenic substance, it prevented testosterone from aromatizing into estrogen.


its booze


All kinds of alcohol are good in moderation.

The act of saying that alcohol may decrease testosterone actually decreases testosterone more than alcohol does.



Red wine, amongst other things, is a source of resveratrol.


^^^ Well that helps explain Italian men I guess.

But not French.