What's up with my legs?

My training has suffered lately due to my extremely busy schedule. this weekend i plan to sit down and plan out my training program over the course of the next few months, especially since MAG-10 is coming out I want to have my training nailed down when I’m using it. Anyhow, I’ve only been lifting 2-3 times/week. I’m finding that my legs are becoming extremely sore from my workouts but yet I’m doing less sets for them than my upper body. I’ve switched around reps, going from low to high to medium, lowered sets, raised them and still crazy sore. I warm-up on bike for 5 minutes and stretch for 10 minutes before workouts but i’m not stretching after. The thing is, I want to be in better condition before I start my growth-surge phase with MAG-10. Any suggestions on how to alleviate some soreness in my legs. Remember I have limited time and money so massages, although fun, are out of the question.

Are you training to failure every leg workout? Also, you say you’re lifting two or three times a week. Do you train legs every time or just once per week?

i always aprreciated a good soreness since it told my body that i worked the muscle hard. just give yourself ample rest in between workout days. Do you work quads and hams the same day. maybe you should split the 2 up and alternate squatting and dealifting as your leg workout with upper body workouts in between. Are your legs atleast growing? are you eating enough and resting enough? Soreness means that you have to rest your body because of trauma you caused from the training. If you don’t want to be sore then cut back on intensity and or volume untill it stops. Why would you want to do that if you want to condition yourself for the MAG-10 phase where you will be pumping even harder? Things you have to think about. laters pk

Scott, are you stretching after workouts? This will help flush out the muscles and speed recovery, in addition to preventing injury. Make sure you stretch after, not before workouts because stretching temporarily dulls your reflexes and thus your strength and power.

i’ll add some more info here since last post i was in a rush. here’s the conundrum: i’m not training to failure (leave 2 reps in the hole almost every set) and my strength is plummeting for my legs and i can’t figure out how to solve this. in fact, i feel like my whole recovery levels are down, due to my new stressful life with my son, wife, work, and school. however, my diet is still healthy and i eat enough calories. i usually alternate legs every other workout since they’re too sore. an example would be Monday: Hip-dominant, vert press/pull, biceps, Wednesday: Horiz. press/pull, triceps, calves, Friday: Quad-dominant, vert press/pull. The following week would be Tues, Thurs, Sat since I would be too sore to lift on Monday. Thanks to any help provided.