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What's Up With My Calves?


I played basketball for the first time on Sunday..... We played for about 4 hours and it was pretty tiring.

After we played I took a cold shower and stretched...

Well, today is Wednesday and I still can't walk right. My whole body is fine except for my calves... They hurt like hell! I can't extend my foot all the way so i'm walking around like I have two club feet...

Are they still recouping from Sunday or did I mess them up?


Is this the first time you've played in awhile? Is the pain abnormal[ie-not muscle soreness]? I'm guessing you just overdid it and are taking awhile to recover, if it continues on longer than a week I'd see a doctor.


First few games back I'm always sore in my calves for several days.

Make sure you really stretch them out after and if needed, ice them 4-6 hrs. later.


Were you dunking and running the floor for 4 straight hours? If you didn't stretch & hydrate enough, well then yeah, you'll be sore...

If you haven't played in a while that will definitely do it... had you pulled or strained both your calves badly you would be in much more pain.

You can walk, right? Just funny for now... it'll pass.

Good luck


The same thing happen to me and I was on my way to the doctors office until they started to feel better. I just took a hot bath, massage and stretch them right after and they felt better day by day. This went on for 1 week and I could not do any leg training what so ever, but through it all they grew a little.