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What's Up With JoePa?

Five undefeated, untied teams. 317 career victories and more Bowl victories than any other NCAA coach. Paterno has developed the talents of more than 31 first-team All-American players, fourteen Hall of Fame Scholar Athletes and over two-hundred NFL players, twenty-three of whom were first-round draft picks. So…if you have a great need to “bash”, what’s your resume? There must be some “Alabama Spirits” chasing Joe on and off the field every week in an attempt to keep “The Bear’s” record intact! Seriously…what do you guys think the problem is? I personally agree with a Sportwriter who said that kids with raw athletic talent are diluted out over so many more schools than, say, 30 years ago. And if you are going to play the “heads-up,blue-collar,high-top cleats, in the trenches” kind of fooball JoePa is known for, you BETTER have the talent (which many feel he does not). Then some argue “Hey…a great coach wins with what he has!” (I’m not so sure about that in Division 1). What are your thoughts?

Mufsa…being from NEPA…I bleed blue an whit.i love penn state footbll…nothing feels me with more pride then watching the lions carge on teh field in those hardcore plain uni’sready to do battle. Thas why i lose my pride and become sickened once they kickoff. They do not have talent …plain and simple…I think JoePa lost some recruitying umph when teams like the like Mcqueary led squad and the sper defense am of a couple years ago didn’t bag a title. The offensive line is disgusting this year…and teh defense can’t gttacle…losig long time def coordinator Jerry Sandusky hurt. i don’t know about Joe Pa i think he still ha itI think his strict off the field expectations and no nonsense discipline kind of shy away some bet athletes…Something has to be done though…its getting ugly. Mike

Well…another tough loss this weekend…and things don’t look like they’re getting any easier…

I seem to remember reading that Penn State uses HIT. I’m not sure this is accurate, does anyone know about Penn State strength and conditioning?

Don’t know about PSU’s strength and conditioning, but they did showed a bit about the U of Iowa program during the game on ESPN. Looks alot like Coach Davies stuff - pushing trucks, flipping tractor tires, wheelbarrow walks, plus squats and benches with bands like Westside Barbell. ESPN said that Iowa has the largest football only weightroom in the nation. Since I live in Iowa City, I need to make friends with the strength coach and see if I can get inside to see the weightroom! GO HAWKS! In Faith - Matt Slaymaker

While I don’t personally know them, I have the names and numbers of the two strength coaches at U of Iowa. I’m not sure which is for football though. How do you give emails out over this?


Penn State does train HIT…they’re strength coach I believe is John Thomas. Thy did however train HIT back in 1994 also i believe…remember they were undefeated andhad a few successful seasons after that… i think the big ten’s schedule is just unbelievably hard. Not an excuse but lokat how an good teams in the big 10 never bring it to the end…alwy stumbling somewhere along the way. It is very comptitiv though-hard nosed football and fun to watch.Boy do i love PSU football… taht being said …i wish they would change their stength and co techniques because their o line is getting killed and their tackles are getting broken…good thread Mufasa…Mike

Hey sorry bout all the typos before…my keyboard is shot…Mike

He has 322 victories.

Any thoughts on JoePa, Coach? Do you think he will break “The Bear’s” record? And what about that Sportswriter’s thoughts on the “dilution” of talent across Division 1? As always…look forward to your thoughts…

Hard to put into word what an extraordinary influence he has been in the NCAA. Beyond his track record of victories are the even greater ones of how he positively influenced the lives of young student-athletes. I tend to think the major problems that Penn State is having is a complex mixture of a loss of coaching staff (losing Sandusky was rough) and an almost total loss of recruiting power within their home state. All that said - I hate seeing him go out like this because of what he has meant to one of the best states for young football talent. I have said many times that PA kids are generally some of the best in the country to work with and I think some of that is because of JoePa’s influence. In faith, Coach Davies