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What's Up with Iron?

So it seems that exogenous testosterone, has a direct family bond with IRON of some sort.

After trying TRT for the first time, trying one 5 g gel (50 mg) sachet, for 3 days in one row i ended up feeling like the worst in my life, on the 3 day, like totally depressed, im sure if this lasted for a week i would have killed myself, iv never felt shit like this ever. After quitting in 2 days time i was fine.

I tried most vitamins and minerals, at this time and was on vitamin c. I then accidentally, a month later or so bought some iron, 27mg tablets. Then took this for like a month or so. Due to i could feel it helped overall on alot of things like tiredness and so. After this restarted this time with propionate, daily insulin, low dose 7mg, after 6 days i was not depressed. Then tried 2 times gel, still not depressed, i fell a bit down, but its not comparable in any way. Still i need more time to make a complete conclusion. Like shooting up 10 mg daily for like 14 days or so.

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