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Whats Up with Ian King!?!?

Do any of you still follow his programs that mentioned here wayyyy back during the Androsol days? Ive been out of the bodybuilding thing for years so am now getting back to it…Ian King’s programs were the chit!!!

I’m on my second Ian King program at the moment (14 weeks in) and all I can say is that King is a god! His programs are awesome! My strength gains have been fantastic! The best bit is I still have 13 weeks to go!

I was just wondering where he was. I was like on page 42 of old training articles just glossing over some of his stuff.

I blew up like a mofo after I did his legs and chest/back program back to back… only thing I didnt do was the arms program…after I get my body back to habit n’ stress then will start one of his programs…