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What's Up With HIIT?


Ok I'm a lazy bastard. I took the cardio is catabolic opinion on this website to the extreme and cut it out of my training completely. I want to start cardio again and I keep hearing alot about HIIT. Can anyone tell me about this type of cardio and possibly give me an example. Is sprinting HIIT? Is skipping rope?


Both sprinting and skipping rope can be High Intensity Interval Training if you do them in short bursts (like 30 sec or 1 minute) followed by rest for maybe twice as long. There's no real hard and fast rule (except that it has to be hard and fast ha ha).
I think the best example is hill sprinting. Just sprint up a short hill, and then walk down. When you hit the bottom, repeat.
Uh, don't eat anything for two hours before you do this.


Here's one of my favorite 'energy systems work' articles (though I still have yet to incorporate it into my routine):

Christian Thibaudeau's Running Man



These should help,

Cardio Roundatble I&II



1) Running 5 sets of 3mins at moderate-high intensity (70+% of MHR), with 1min breaks in between.

2) Rowing 10 sets of 30secs at very high intensity (90%+ of MHR), with 1min easy rowing in between.

3) Multiple "rounds" of bag punching, immediately follow by 10-12reps of DB/KB swings/cleans/snatchs, rest 30secs to 1mins (aka Mike Mahler's HOC)

4) 8 sets of (inserting your favourite cardio exercise here) as fast/hard as you can for 20secs, rest for 10secs. (aka Tabata)

The above comes from my personal experience and they worked well for my conditioning. The combinations and possibilities are endless.

Hope it helps,

Geek boy


Mike Mahler has some great HIIT programs laid out in articles at his website.