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What's up with GLUT...

Was wondering what anyone can recommend as a good - no, make that great - glutamine supplement. What form is best and is there anything to the effervescent kind? L-Glutamine or glutamine peptides? Empty stomach or right after training? Can anyone weigh in on this with there two cents? Thanks to all in advance…

I use AR Nutrition’s Glutamine Peptides because it’s pretty high quality and a very reasonable cost. You can get it cheap at dpsnutrition.

I use AST’s Micronized L-Glutamine powder. I just prefer the micronized version because it mixes a little easier. From what I’ve read it sounds like free form L-Glutamine is a better choice than glutamine peptides, and that the only time peptides are preferred is when administration is intravenous (according to AST). I think good times to take glutamine are immediately after training and just before bed, and if you can afford more, than multiple times a day. Hope this helps!

thanks for the suggestions…i’ll look into your recommendations some more, but, hear anything about the effervescent formulations? is that all just crap?

I’ve heard quite the opposite, that glutamine peptides are far superior. Apparently they are much more easily absorbed by the body and some studies have shown a modest GH increase. Personally though, I’m not convinced any type of glutamine is worthwhile enough to buy unless you have money to throw away.