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What's Up with Denton, TX?

So, Denton… what’s up? Got any real gyms there?

What’s the deal with Denton?

What’s the deal with Airline food?

I mean, c’mon. Am I right?

What’s up with gay vampires?

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I moved out of the metroplex last year. Denton is the home of the Mean Green so I am sure there is a college gym you could bum rush, but I am not specifically familiar with Denton gyms. Metroflex Plano is about 35 mins. to 2 hours away, depending on traffic (20 miles or so). It is a real gym.


Are you looking at visiting, or relocating?

Denton is the home of UNT. And a womens college.

Lot of UNT’s in that town.

jj- thanks. Just going to be there for a few days on biz.

Shit, soooo close to Metroplex, but a bit too far. Who knows though…

That’s my last name, I thought this was a thread about me :frowning:

I’d make the drive to metroflex…nothing but commercial, cardio bunny gyms there

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Thank you, thank yooooou!

I’ll be here all week. Try the pork!

You may want to contact Phillip Wylie(hes got a log in the training log section), I know he trains in denton sometimes. There is also Bad attitude gym in carrolton run by Sean Donegan(wendler’s buddy). You are welcome to come train with my fat, weak ass, as I live right outside of denton. I only have modest equipment though in my garage, 600 pounds of weight, an olympic bar, some olympic handles and some coc grippers, but you are welcome to stop by.

Thanks for the offer MikeyKB. I’ll probably end up going here: http://www.fitness-evolution.com/contactus.html

I called and it appears that they have real weights and equipment. Carrollton is just a bit far out for a business trip when time is really tight.

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What’s the deal with …[/quote]


[quote]MikeyKBiatch wrote:
…and some coc grippers, but you are welcome to stop by.[/quote]

Is there really a piece of equipment called a “coc gripper” or were nonchalantly asking steelyd to come over for a hand job?

Hey steely, I have trained at Fitness Evolution for the past 2 years and can vouch for the facility. When will you be heading this way?

'sup with you bra?

I really like airline food.

There is also http://thebrickhousegym.com/