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What's up with creatine?

I don’t tend to see much raving about creatine here so I was wondering if it is still “in” or if creatine use is for dinosaurs?

I was using EAS Phosphagen, but now thinking of trying that micronized stuff from AST. What’s your opinions on using the plain creatine mixed in juice vs all the new creatine products flooding the market? Does the benefit justify the cost?

People don’t “rave” about creatine because it has sort of become and accepted fact: it works. As far as all of the creatine/sugar mixtures, most of them are not of the greatest quality anyway. Stick with the plain, white powdered creatine. It’s the onlt thing with a justifiable cost-to-benefit catio. Hope this helps.

I just finished AST’s micronized creatine and it was not as good as prolabs - plain old creatine - not sure why but that’s what I found.

Why don’t he quality creatine makers like EAS and Prolab make the micronized? It’s a lot better.

Is it because of pride ie. someone else thought of it first so they say it’s no different from regular old bulky creatine that doesn’t dissolve?

OK, since it’s still a good idea to use creatine, what are considered the “high quality” brands currently? I’ve heard the German creatine and other high quality products contain no dihydrotriazine or dicyandiamide, etc.

What brand is everyone using?

Just curious, if someone would have written that taking creatine was “out of style” does that mean you would have avoided taking it? Do you only take supplements that are “en vogue”? Do you actually understand how creatine works or are you just using things that you hear others are taking? The only supplements that go out of style are the ones that didn’t work in the first place, you know, the ones that most newbies are the first to run to GNC for.

I find creatine dissolves really well when I mix it with tea.

Profesror X,

Let me try and explain. Yes I know how creatine works. I’ve used it for several years, but never really noticed the strength gains many people claim. About all it does for me anymore is give great pumps and that muscle “fullness” feel and a bit more energy. When on creatine I maybe have enough extra enery to pump out one or two extra reps per set, but I don’t think I can link this to any big strenght gains. When I stop creatine I seem to feel “flat” and a little less energy when lifting. When I was a newbi to gym I was one of those guys who ran to GNC and picked up a bottle of EAS creatine cause everyone said it was the bomb. Well I seem to remember good results with creatine when I first started taking it, but then again maybe it was because I was a newbi to the iron game (seems like newbi’s make rapid gains initially). Well awhile back I ran out of creatine and decided to purchase some Biotest products. I started with Surge right after my workout followed by 2 scoops of low-carb Grow when I arrived home. About a month later I started taking Tribex (5 days on / 2 days off) and within a few weeks I was noticing strength gains creatine never deliveried plus I had that pump and “full” feeling I would get after doing a loading phase of creatine. I used to last of 3 bottles of Tribex 3 wks ago and now notice I feel weak and flat. So now I’m asking myself if I should even bother with creatine since Tribex appears to delivery much better results for me. My only concern is I’m not sure if it’s good to stay on Tribex continually, plus I could not afford to take Tribex continually. Like others I have felt creatine should be in everyones supplement program, but after experiencing the effects of Tribex when not on creatine I wonder if there is any benefit to taking both at the same time. One thought has been to just supplement with creatine when I’m between Tribex cycles, so at least my muscles can still retain that full or pumped feeling. Looking for opinions here.

I take ten grams of the regular creatine, with my Surge post wkout. On non wkout days I take 5grams in the morn w/oatmeal and another 5 with my GROW. If someone said boron worked would you use it? Creatine works, it’s just been out a long time.

REA, your strength gains should be coming based on how you train and how much you eat. I have never relied on creatine for increases in strength. What most people experience is an increase in anaerobic energy which means a possible increase in the number of reps during a set, not some outlandish increase in strength simply from taking it. Surprise, gaining muscle mass and strength is still directly up to you.