What's Up with All the Lying to Kids About Roids?

I play college football and am 20 years old. Definitely am still growing. With so many of my teammates taking steroids it’s hard to resist, so I came here to learn a bit about steroids. I was shocked to see so much against the practice even for proper use. I had no clue about whether what you guys were saying we’re true or false so I asked my dad who is an endocrinologist.

The younger you are the faster you would bounce back. Infertility would be insanely rare if you ran a proper cycle. 99% of what you guys regularly tell younger guys is false. The only real risks are stunting growth and hair loss. I have seen other threads about this where members openly admit that they do it cause they assume younger lifters won’t be responsible. Seems pretty silly to me.

So, if you had to give a young person a cycle what would it be? Assuming they’re still growing and all of that. Figured it’s a good question now that I realized how BS all the claims you guys make are.





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Dead serious. Lots of other threads about this same topic

so read them.

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Once again. Not trolling. You guys tell people to wait to take steroids when their bodies are less adept at recovering at that age. To me it makes more sense to educate people who are more adept so that they don’t misuse than to just lie to them and have them wait until they will recover worse.

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That’s not the real revelation. Are you ready for the truth kid? The real twist?

NONE OF US ARE ON ROIDS! We just pretend we are! And we’re all already dead! You see dead people… typing!

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Hey how did you get on with that cycle you did? Seem to remember you saying you were going to jump on after being off for like a decade

Oh that was my 2nd cycle after a decade. I’m a few weeks after PCT right now. Net lbm gain around 8-10lbs .

Btw kids, this troll is talking out of his ass. There are various threads here that have addressed this topic with much evidence in them. I can’t be bothered to go into this again so please search the archives if you give a shit about your well being.

Be careful who you listen to.

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Nice to see I’m not the only person who still PCTs around here!

Justdrake, there are a zillion threads on here giving advice for a proper beginner cycle. I literally see new ones every single week. If you can’t find a ‘first cycle thread’ where people advise 500mg testosterone for 10-12 weeks, and a few weeks of dbol to start, then you’re not looking very hard. So I don’t know why you’re pretending nobody gives advise for a first cycle. This would be an advisable first cycle for any age.

What you DO see on here that I would think is relevant to your statement is posters on this board discouraging 18 year old kids who weigh 160 lbs with 20 % bodyfat asking about steroids. The reason we advise those folks against using is that if that they’re clearly not mentally ready for steroids. They will never learn to diet properly, or lift, or any of that, and as such they’ll end up having shitty results forever, and will also become more and more reliant on drugs. It’s a bad situation, and we’ve seen it countless times.

I, personally, have given advice to younger guys when their situation seems to dictate that steroids are a viable option. It happens from time to time.

Your dad likely does not know a whole lot about steroids, because the medical community has very little to work with. Studies involving steroids are very limited, and the people on these boards who are well educated have read nearly everything that an endocrinologist has read as far as the topic is concerned.

The thing that you’re not acknowledging is the risk/reward factor. Yes, the risk of not recovering is minimal, but it does exist. There are posters here that have never been able to come off of steroids since their teens because they did not recover. I’m not going to use their names, but I know who they are. At least 5 active posters that I can think of. That’s significant. What I always advise is to consider if you’re willing to deal with the possibility of having to rely on injections for the rest of your life in the event that things don’t go well. It’s not likely, but it can indeed happen, and everyone should be aware of that.

And finally, there is the fact that, at 20 years old (or around that age), most people (not all) are not mentally and emotionally equipped to deal with steroids. I don’t believe I was at that age, regardless of where I was physically. Some level of stability in life is a very useful thing to have when starting to use steroids. They DO effect you mentally, and often times not in a positive way. They can get in the way of relationships, without a doubt.

Anyway. Those are my basic thoughts on steroids at your age. Just in case you’re not trolling. Maybe someone will find this useful.


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