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Whats Up Everybody - New Here


Found this site while checking out menshealth forums. Was looking for motivation to get back in shape and get back on the weights. After researching, I feel like I knew nothing before.

Here's a brief bio on myself and my current workout routine.

29 y/o, 6'2" 220lbs Average build. Been lifting since early high school, off and on. Best shape was probably 19 y/o 185lbs.

Anyone trying to get back in the swing of things. From late may to june 30 I did a biggest loser contest at my wifes work; lost 25lbs in 6 weeks; some muscle. Tried total body workouts as a change.

Now that the contest is over, i don't want to lose weight as fast, but want to build strength and reduce body fat; specifically my waist.

Here's an my current routine - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Monday - Push
Bench 5x5
Squat 5x5
Military 5x5
Dips 4x8
Calve Raises 3x10-12

Tuesday - Pull
Deads 5x5
Rows 5x5
Pull-ups 3x8
Shrugs 3x12
Biceps 3x8, 1x12

Weds - Cardio
4.5 miles, walk 3 minutes, run 37 minutes, walk 5

Thurs - Repeat Monday
Friday - Repeat Tues
Sat - Cardio
Sunday - Rest

Abs - 3x a week

Diet is clean eating, white meat, fish, occasional steak, veggies, nuts, fruits, water,
Pre-workout shake (just bought this stuff called pump fuel may be a waste, meant to take it back but didnt, so im trying it. Has that new form for creatine, plus some other stuff similiar to NO2
Post-Workout - 60g protien, 390 cals, 15 carbs (6g sugar) - GNC Pro Peformance Brand

Took some before shots and keeping a journal of my sets and weights to track progress.

Any criticism is welcome -




I would consider reworking your program, unless you are seeing good gains on it. especially considering you have 4 days you can put into the gym.

if i did bench, squats, and standing military in the same day i’d probably die.

what are your current maxs on - standing (or seated) military, bench press, squat, and deadlift?


This is a new routine just coming off total body workouts

A long time ago i use to work out like this

day1 chest and triceps
day 2 legs
Day 3 rest
Day 4 shoulders
Day 5 back and biceps

I thought id give this a try allowing for the exercises twice a week - your right, bench squat military is exhausting, but i thought id try it for 6-12 weeks. Plus i still need to loose some excess weight…

What were you thinking?


I tried a TBT routine for about 10 weeks end of last year. All I did was exhaust myself and started to get into tendonitis issues from not giving my body enough tme to recover.

HolyMac’s question on current max is pretty significant as well. The lower your max, the more likely you can get away with a TBT like program.

Here is what I am currently doing, 4 way split:


Can easily squeeze cardio into the off days. It has been AVERAGING in the 100s where I am lately so cardio has just consisted of walking the dog at 6am.

My body needs a week to recover, but I am old (not really but I’m 30, know my body, and know that I need a week to recover so this 4 way split works well for me, plus weight on the bar has been going up week on week).


I haven’t maxed in a long time, here’s what im doing my sets with

Bench, 5x5x215 (last set right now is failing and need a spot, so weights good)
Deads, 5x5x255
Squats, 5x5x185 (weak, hadnt been working my legs in a long time)
Military, 3x90,2x100 (last set, use my legs some, again weaker area)


Hey there.

I think that’s a bit to much for one session, would you consider spliting up the days e.g. like this:

Monday - Push

Bench - heavy
Military -light

Tuesday - Pull

something unilateral?
Pullups - heavy

Thursday - Push

Something unilateral like bulgarian split squat
Military - heavy

Friday - Pull

Pullups - light (or pulldowns)
Rows - heavy

just a thought