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What's Up Combat Sports?

seems kinda dead around here lately.

Everyone busy training or sumfin?

Had a baby.

kind of explains it for me.

Work,instructing,and training for me. By the time I have anytime to post anything…I am dead tired or devoting time to the Mrs.Boss.

Oh,and congrats kmcnyc.

Shit KMC, congrats brother!!

I’ve been working like crazy… primary season and all that… and training almost everyday. Almost got the speed bag down.

Thanks people…

at the same time- we moved.
and are busy busy.

some training- nothing worth mentioning, pics of my son are in my log in over 35

if you like.

if you have not had kids- it will put a dent in your training :slight_smile:
not to mention free time.

how ever there is a judo ’ mcdojo ’ on my corner
a ‘pit’ mma school a few blocks away
and another mma school , with some pretty decent coaches is a few blocks away
that has a Judo coach- who is a current olympian qualifier

Kmcnyc, when are you going to start him off training.

congratz kmc

I too have a child and it has put a dent in my training. But, children are a great motivator to train. I have a beautiful daughter (thank God she takes after her mother) and working towards being a good example can definitely keep you on track.

Work, training, and trying to do more stuff around the house for me. I’ve had to cut my judo down to 1 day a week cuz I’ve been so busy with other stuff. Finally over my injuries though! Woot!

Congrats kmc!

I’ve been working on starting up a class, on top of working my other 2 jobs, training, and trying to spend time with the gf.

I have been getting into strongman and powerlifting lately so my attention hasnt been in Combat Sports. I have kept my eye on it but I needed a break after being depressed by another season of TUF.

Just got back into BJJ. Been rolling for about three weeks. That and summer school keeps me busy.

Congrats KMC! Whereabouts in NY do you train?

congrats kmc…ive often wondered how id be with my own children as it relates to their training…would i force them in super early? or let them be ballerinas if they wanted to…

[quote]admbaum wrote:
seems kinda dead around here lately.

Everyone busy training or sumfin?[/quote]

Started training harder recently. I’m bumping it up to three days of training starting monday. I was away for a while, so understandibly my cardio sucks, but hopefully got better. I will progressively bump up my training one day by each week.

Kept on training BJJ mostly and have been enjoying myself every minute of practice :slight_smile:
Congratulations KMC :slight_smile: