What's Timmy got cookin?

Hey all. This isn’t techinically a T/N question, but it may fit here. Tim Patterson, as many have mentioned, has been very quiet as of late.

Shugs has alluded to some new Biotest supplements in the works. So I just wanted to get a thread started to see what everyone's predictions for the Next Big Thing to come out of the mad scientist's lab.

I know some more flavors of Grow! bars are due to come out, and obviously so is the MD6 replacement but what else? It could be something as simple as a new flavor of Surge or Power Drive. Hmmm. Let's hear some ideas/hopes/suggestions.

How about a replacement for Ribose-C? Maybe he’s getting the cost of manufacturing down to where it’s producible / affordable.

I’d love to see some new L/C GROW! flavors introduced. If they make regular old choc/van. taste amazing then, other flavors would be equally awesome. I’d also like to see Biotest introduce another good, non-horomonal anabolic, as they have with methoxy. Maybe a form of Beta-ecdy, which I personally like. A good, simple, yet potent EFA supplement would be appreciated as well. Probably not their dept. though. Biotest is a leader not a follower.

how about some pure 4-ad powder? i doubt that will ever happen… just wishful thinking.

Realistic- The Immune system booster, and the anti-oxidant supplement.
Just dreaming- a pro-steroid that makes you feel like you’re on Dbol.

  1. A decent multivitamin. Maybe like scooby-doo vitamins, but t-vixen shaped :).

  2. A “feel good” supplement.

  3. Man, this is really wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be awesome if they found something that could cause hair to regrow/thicken? I’d pay for that.

And just as a side note, the lemon GROW! bars are freakin’ awesome.

A supercharged version of mag10 that you could do extened cycles with, now thats definately wishful thinking, seeing as how mag10 is the only thing that comes close to roids right now, can it get any better…Would be nice though.

More products for us women who bust our asses just as hard as you guys do! The Methoxy 7 is freakin awesome. Now lets see if they can come up with something for us that is comparable to Mag-10, Androsol, or even 4-AD-EC. I would be more than happy with that.

For all of us who’ve been wasting away since the last bottle of nandro-sol got sole could we come out with an -EC version of that product.

Bump for uncle pauli. I’d love to try a high dose Nor-DIOL EC / 4ADEC stack.Or mabey there’s a better nandrolone Pro steroid in the works.THAT would be cool.

HMB! (kidding…)

Let me just say this: I hope something great is in the works. Think about this for a minute; I have not seen Bill Roberts poking around on the forum as much lately. Makes you wonder. The foremost expert(in my opinion) on Androgens and everything else to get you bigger. I may be hallucinating, but I have seen little from him lately. Maybe he has a cold:)

Hmm, these are all really good ideas. I never got to try the Ribose-C, but I heard it was pretty decent, would be nice to have the chance.

I don't know how likely it is that Biotest will put out more flavors of Grow! It's not really necessary and probably not cost effective. For example, nearly everyone likes Choc and Vanilla (please, DO NOT feel the need to chime in with "I hate vanilla!") I'm just saying that keeping it basic is probably a smarter move for the company right now.

And, while it would be nice to think that Bill has something great in the works, I think you're creating a bit of a Procrustean bed here. He actually hasn't been all that absent, and if you check on the steroid board you'll see he's been around quite a bit.

However, a new prohormone would be great. Maybe a nor- or something else stacked with A1E. What else guys?

Actually, SAK, your guess was good. I did come up with a new product idea just a few days ago and it has been taking considerable time. It is not an anabolic but, if I am correct, will be of broad utility and value.

I’m STILL thinking: Biotest Beeeeeeeer! heeeee heeeee heeeeee :slight_smile:

Bill - You’re killin’ me - throw us a bone here…It’s not fair to ask you for FULL disclosure, but what are you alluding to? The other supp companies that monitor this board don’t have the capacity to match yours and biotests excellence anyway…so how about it?

I hope it’s 19-nor-AD-EC.

A while back Tim had talked about coming out with a growth hormone supp. If they come out with anything comparable to Mag-10, I’ll jump through hoops.

I have caught you Bill. I started catching on when you stopped answering all the repetetive questions. So I figured it was frustration or inovation. If you do have a product in the works I am sure it will be good. You need a human test subject? Always willing to help the cause.

Just wanted to chime in and say that I’m another one who’d really like to see a new Nor product. I always felt better on Nandrosol than Androsol, and didn’t experience the hair loss (which I got a bit of from the Andro). To my mind, Nandro was well worth the extra cost.