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What's This Training Method Called?


Okay i'm going to sound really young and stupid right now but i'm not honestly. It late at night and i really cant think of the words to best describe what i'm trying to find out!

I'm trying to find out what the training is called with the rubber band like equipment. Tension training is stuck in my head, but i'm not sure if thats what it is, i'm thinking its called something else.

Anyway i'm trying to pick up some of these as they seeem to be a good way to train while i'm on the road. So if someone could let me know what there called so i actually know what to put into google that would be great.




Tension bands?


that method is gay if your on the road save your money do pushups handstand pushups and free squats and push your car 50 metres every mourning


Or download Matt Fury's e-book "Combat Conditioning" which has a shitload of nice bodyweight exercises. I'll admit to using the bands for about a week before I started bodyweight exercises, and then I started weight lifting. You'll get much better gains from hard bodyweight exercises like handstand push-ups, no hand back bridges, wall walking, jumping squats, etc.


Chest expanders or strand pulling. Definitely not for weaklings. Try this web site: