What's This Lift?

I finished my workout earlier than I thought I would, so I was messing around with the cables, and I took the ones that you use for cable curls, and kind of did a reverse cable cross over. so is that an actual lift? and what does it work, if it is?

Depends how high you’re setting the handles at…anything lower than shoulder level that you’re pulling with some upward motion would resemble the motion you’d be doing for lateral raises. If you set it around the middle and pull across the front, it’d hit your rear delts like a reverse pec fly. If you set it high and pull down across the front, well…haven’t seen anyone do that yet, but I’m thinking that’d hit your teres major and lats?

I’m setting it low and pulling it across the front, like like a reverse fly, but it starts further across my chest than just right in front like a reverse fly. it’s like a R. Fly mixed with a lateral raise.