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What's This Hairstyle Called?


its basically a slicked back mohawk.


Dude, its a mohawk.

Just a limp one.

And I believe what it is called is "gay"




Are you aware that i was watchin a porn today and there was a guy n a girl fukking and there was some other guy watching them fuk while jacking off and every now and then it goes to the guy jacking off and focuses on his face for like 10 seconds.... I had to stop jacking off periodically cause he kept popping up.

Anyway long story short i ended up accidentally cumming to him

no homo srs


it's called...

a slicked back mohawk.

OP: See OP for reference.


Not clicking on the link but I'll call it the Gorilla Cock Popper.


Aye I would just call it a mohawk as well. Or a lazy Devil's Lock. Hard to tell when they can't be fucked styling it properly :stuck_out_tongue:




I do believe you just won the internet


Oh , that?

Its called. "Cock a dodoodle doooooo"




It's often referred to as the Douche Bigalow.


It's called a mistake...

Just say no.


I used to rock that look.


Seriously, it worked for me back then.


...Yelawolf is turd.