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What's This Exercise Called?


I was doing shoulders a couple of days ago, and towards the end of the workout, I wanted to try pushing overhead with the elbows basically touching. I used a dumbbell held like a goblet squat and pressed it over head. It required squeezing inward as well as pushing upward, and at least once I was sure I was going to whack myself in the head with the bell.

I really felt it in my front delts at the beginning and more in the rhomboids in the latter half. It seems unlikely it's a new exercise, so what do other people call it? Sorry, no A.V. ability :frowning:



Sounds a lot like a "crush" press. Pavel Tsatsouline does it with kettlebells. He also has a variation using plates. I could be talking out my ass though.


i think its called retarded...

jk but really stick with the basics, there's a reason you dont know what that movement is called


yeah, the name is retarded press


As long as you don't do the full retarded press you should be ok. Never go full retard.



Oh man, this made my morning hahahaha


Honestly sounds pretty dumb to me. I say stop doing it until you see top-level PLers, BBers, strongman competitors, or for that matter anyone who competes at a high level with a lot of strength, doing them regularly.


Never press with shoulders not retracted. Shoulders are supposed to be back in their socket when you press. It's impossible to press in correct shoulder joint position if your elbows are touching.


Unless we can see a video of someone doing it, we are pretty much just guessing. And Shorle, thats some funny shit.