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What's this Athlete’s Bodyfat %?

He’s 6’1 and listed between 205-214

Do you have a picture of him holding a shoe?


Naw I don’t think so. You got any estimations?

Not possible to guess without a shoe pic.



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I’d guess no lower than 10. He’s definitely lean by normal standards but 10% is leaner than most people realize and I’m not really seeing much delineation between muscles,vascularity etc, at least in these pics.



Yea I didn’t see a ton of vascularity either but agree he’s lean I was thinking somewhere in the 12-14% range? Or is that too high?

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My guess is 16%

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That would be my guess as well.


I mean he looks good imo I’m trying to get a similar physique but is 16% high for bodyfat?

Not really. Now internet 16% is fat as fuck. Dexa 16% is not. You also can’t see his legs. It also doesn’t matter. If he’s 13% you’re not going to look like him if you get to 13%. You’re going to look like you at 13%.

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True that basically I’m just trying to be lean as possible over 200 that’s all

Then get as lean as possible over 200 lol.

Diet down to 200. If satisfies yay. If not fix.

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Lmao I’m not even 200 I’m 188 at the moment

That’s a tough one. Idk man, maybe somebody else can help.

Appreciate the feedback

How can you tell without a shoe?


He got shoes on in one of the pictures so now give us an estimation

He’s got at least 3% more body fat than Eliteballa3, that’s for sure.

The guy in the pics is the OP. Prove me wrong.