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What's the Worst Job You've Ever Had?

Worked in some serious shitholes over the years

Working in farms in Australia was pretty tough. No wonder it’s only immigrants that do that kind of work. It’s tough as fuck and the sun never really mixed with my pasty ass white Scottish skin. Met a lot of cool folk though and Aussies are great people. Good humour and they make tea the British way.

Ended up working in a McDonalds over there for a while due to lack of funds. Stuck in a sweatbox with 16 years olds done my fucking nut in. Nearly put ones face through a deep fat fryer they annoyed me so much. All the big macs you could eat though:-)

Making pens…by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


I loved working on farms in Pennsylvania as a teen. Good, honest work with your entire body.

Worst job: Mailroom peon at a major insurance company (in my early 20’s). The bullshit that lower-level employees endure in corporate environments is ridiculous! I couldn’t stand it. All the ass-kissing I saw as well as general abuse I experienced by my superiors. There’s a degree of pettiness and false status that permeates that world.

while it was rewarding, there were points in my Marine service that were less than swell. Done concrete work and landscaping-neither qualify as fun when its 100 degrees plus

Bakery where grocery store bread is mass produced. Hot as balls and the work was stupid. Ended up walking out one day and never looking back.

Working for an industrial maintenance contractor. The worst was on an asbestos warehouse roof in the pouring rain and howling winds, with no safety equipment, somewhere near Liverpool, patching up holes with duct tape and some kind of waterproofer. We had to crawl along the roof, which was slippy as hell, following the rivets to make sure we were following the beams to avoid plummeting the 50ft to the concrete warehouse floor, trying not to slip either off the roof or off the beams onto the unsupported asbestos. That lasted a week.

Second place has to be coating sealant on the dumping area of a chemical waste disposal site in December. I had some great jobs while at university!

Sewing skinny kids skinny jeans back together

[quote]kmcnyc wrote:
Sewing skinny kids skinny jeans back together[/quote]

After you butt rape them?

Moving furniture.

Landscaping. Coming home smelling like shit everyday and went through clothes fast. Didn’t help one project we were lifting huge ass rocks, boulders I’d say, to make a riverbed in some old ladies back yard. I weighed a mere 126 lbs. Yet I still hoofed it like the more bigger experienced guys.

Oh during high school I worked for a Research Group also. Called and annoyed people all fuckin’ night. Asking them questions about their favorite Toilet Papers (yes it was about 10-15 mins long i think, most awkard shit in my life). Also did surveys on yogurt, banking (spanish based ones I was making about 10 bucks an hour not bad for 16 eh?) and the only fun one was talking to rich dudes about their Maserati and other sports cars.:smiley:

Hardees. that lasted one terrifying month.

Worked several summers on a honeybee farm. Pretty cool but hard labor with the added bonus of getting stung anywhere from 5-100 times per day. You get stung in some pretty painful areas also which a normal person would probably never experience. On the eyelid, on the junk, on the ear, the lip, you know just some of the more sensetive areas of the body. The dude I worked for didn’t even flinch, I would see 6 stingers in his forehead and point them out and he would be like. Oh I never even felt them sting me and either brush them out or sometimes not if he was too busy.


Bagger at a grocery store. A whopping $7.49/hr! I did this for a whole summer once.

The hardest job was when I worked for one of my buddies who does flooring; we had to rip the floors out of a house; it took us eight hours. From that day forward, I vowed I would never be a laborer.

I dressed up as my city mascot for summer festivals. Basically had to wear a full bear costume in the blazing sun.

Being a mascot is pretty horrible. Kids kick the shit out of you. One kid tried to kick my ass but wound up punting me right in the chode.

I worked in a ceramics factory when I was younger. My position was located in a seperate portion inside of what was basically a garage with no heat. In Wisconsin during the months I worked there, the garage was often barely above freezing (some mornings in the single digits) which made it rough since part of my job involved the spraying of ceramics and then rinsing them off in ice cold water. I wore a mask to help buffer the particles sprayed from getting into my mouth, nose and lungs but they still found their way in. Lots of fun.

Blockbuster Video.

[quote]cromwell2007 wrote:
while it was rewarding, there were points in my Marine service that were less than swell. Done concrete work and landscaping-neither qualify as fun when its 100 degrees plus[/quote]

uugggghhh just got a job doing concrete ive done it before and i know it will suck, but it will also pay for my degree so i guess it will be bearable.

my worst was when i worked at a pizza joint when i was 15. i did dishes and made pizzas for minimum wage, talk about hating your life.

ive also done different construction clean up and landscape work throughout high school, it sucked but id rather be doing physical labor than making pizzas. also the pay is much better.

Even though this may seem like fun, driving around a tractor with a golf ball picker-upper connected to it. Picking up golf balls at a driving range may seem fun, but being pelted with a golf ball through the tiny hole in the tractor wasnt, plus coming home with 50 bug bites a day.

[quote]UtahIron wrote:
Making pens…by hand in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


That sounds bad, and it being in Kalamazoo makes it even worse

#1 would have to be caddying. It was hot, the schedule was unpredictable, I had to lug around a heavy bag, and the golfers were generally pretentious cunts.

#1: Baker at Cosi - Had to be at work at 6 and it was just very hard work, which made my back hurt even more, and all for minimum wage.

My best real job has been marketing blogging. The pay was ridiculous and I worked from my home at whatever hours I pleased.