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What's the Verdict on Tri-Tren?


I took Tri-Tren a couple years back and I was stupid because I knew very little about it at the time and still have heard mixed views on it.... I thought that tren kept you dry and did not convert to estrogen? But when I took it I got puffy and held water... I was to stupid to take an AI because I did not know about them...

What is the verdict on tren I have read that it is used as a cutting steroid by many, how was I holding water and converting to estrogen on it? Can someone educate me on this? Also, I only took like 8ml of tri tren because I was getting to puffy? I have heard there are some lingering effects from tren also? What are they and with the small amount I took am I at risk in your opinions?


How do you know it was converting to estrogen?

8ml? Concentration?

You are vague in your posts. It is difficult to figure out what you mean sometimes. What do you mean by "what is the verdict on tren"?


I just wanted to know why I was having these side effects? I mean I took 8ml of the tri tren blend I think it comes in a very similar mg per ml.... I thought it did not convert to estrogen but then I heard it did have estrogen effects on the body... Sorry for being vague I just wanted to know more about trenabol and what peoples exspiriences and opinions on it are.... and maybe it could help explain some of the issues I had with it.... Thats all...


Weren't you taking prohormones at the same time?

That is what it suggests in your other thread about letro and sex drive...


Tri-tren is dosed at 150mg/ml, so far as I know.

Did you take onlytren?(not the best idea in the first place, imo) If so, tren should not convert to estrogen at all, and either you misdiagnosed the cause of your "puffiness" (could have been due to diet or some other cause), or your tren was not really tren.

The latter is a definite possibility because a while back, during ORD, one of the LE agencies had lab tests done on a lot of the gear that was being distributed. A whole lot of the gear that was made by the company that usually makes tri-tren turned out not to contain what it was purported to contain. I may be wrong because I'm citing this from memory, but I believe that in that report tri-tren, specifically, was found to consist wholly of testosterone.

If this is the case and you happened to get ahold of one of those vials, then I can see this as aromatizing and giving you estrogenic bloating troubles.

I've used real tri-tren (with test) and had extremely good results with it shooting ED.


Cort - that exact bust came to my mind immediately too...

But he has mentioned using PH's too with the tren - or around the same time at least in another thread.

I wonder - if BBB hadnt made the thread he did - one that is worthwhile i will add - would we be dealing with smitty the same way - and would he have decided to start at least 3 threads on the day following the thread by BBB?

Hmm.. Give an inch and they take a mile i say..! :wink: haha!