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What's the Verdict on HGH and Skeletal Growth?

Scenario using myself as an example:

I’m 21 years old, have narrow shoulders, thin joints, long limbs, wide hips. Health cautions set aside, would I benefit from a year to two year long cycle of HGH in terms of skeletal growth (wider shoulders, thicker wrists, bigger hands.)

After weighing the potential benefits and risks, I’ve decided that I am going to start my HGH cycle very soon and I will keep you guys posted on the results I’m hoping to see (shoulder width, joint thickness, etc.)

You’ve prolly hit your “skeletal” growth limit (age). I doubt it’ll do anything for your bones. It will however help your muscles grow which will make you look wider, thicker, and bigger.

Maybe eating more (a LOT) and training naturally will be the best option for you. If you read any posts on here, you will see “first cycle” posts that say they want to get big and strong and never really put for the effort in their diet or gym.

Try that for the next 10+ years and come back after that. If you are wispy like you made yourself out to be, you will grow a lot for the first 4-5 years. Enjoy what nature (or whatever deity) gave you and work your ass off before trying to use a drug.

I’m 6’4", 230 lbs. I do not look better the bigger I get with the frame I have, I need a bigger frame to achieve an appealing look.

Well, I don’t know enough, so I’ll back out, but I really don’t see anyway to “make” your bones grow. If that were the case, little people would be using it.

Totally unnecessary, just do this on shoulder day. Spend all that money ona years worth of Plazma, Mag 10 and grass fed beef and you will look amazing…

I simply can not fathom the amount of bluepilled bullshit answers written by fucking idiots that don’t know shit.

The truth is that you’re fucked op. HGH will make your joints and bones thicker and that’s a fact. But you’re never going to experience this satisfaction, and you want to know why? Because you’re a broke ass 20 something that can’t afford pharma grade cycles of $4000 per month.

You’re not going to be taller, and most likely you won’t be wider if say you had the money for it. And again, you want to know why? Because clavicles close from any age between 21 and 24, so you might have h©ope or you’re already fucked.

Thought I would join this post with an HGH-related question myself. I’m over 50 and do a variation of Westside’s conjugate method My training frequency now averages just over three times per week. I’m about to start my first ever regimen of exogenous HGH, mainly to see if it helps with nagging injuries, recovery and lifts. It will be a very modest protocol in that I plan to inject moderate doses preworkout for what will be a period of roughly three months. (I realize it might end up being a money-waster, and if it does, so be it.) Anyway, I’m told receiving exogenous HGH usually indicates modifying carb intake. I normally watch my carbs limiting my concentrated intake to peri- and post-workout. (Plazma is my peri-workout carb source; best Biotest product in my view.) Any tips as to whether and, if so, how, I should adjust my carb intake in conjunction with my upcoming HGH protocol?

I started running 4iu of Chinese hgh around the age of 19 I was 6ft1 220 about 6.5inch wrist l. I’m 25 now my wrist are almost 7.5 and I’m 6 2 now not sure if was late growth spurt- also had a late growth spurt in highschool was just about 5ft 9th grade and by 11th was close to 6

Did your shoulders get wider? Specifically the bone.

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No, at your age, no, no and no… you’ll get, maybe if hgh is pharma grade and you put in more than 6/7/8 or 10, or even more of it… maybe you’ll get more muscular, just because of the hyperplasia and the fullness of a pharma hgh. But it will happen if you train right and eat like a MF! That’s it, no bone growth, thats the verdict.

Also, unless you are taking extremely high doses, you will only grow bones that are physiologically classified as “short” or “flat” bones and possibly sesamoid bones. This is one reason why people have wirst issues (carpal bones are “small” bones) on GH and chronic use can result in facial changes (look at rich piana). It’s also why most people don’t get taller from using GH unless they take A LOT prior to or during puberty; fibia, tibia, femur and humerus are all “long” bones, so is the clavicle. So yeah, it might make your wirsts thicker, but you’re not getting wider shoulders regardless of what you do, sorry.

Maybe slightly but I’d say it helped with density of bones. Have become noticeably thicker and perhaps a lil wider

Sounds very likely its a growth spurt. I say this for a couple reasons, number 1 being that 4iu daily for one year typically isn’t enough dosage for enough time to see the big body growth effects of HGH. reason number 2 is because at 19 you still very much have the possibility to grow naturally.