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What's The Verdict on BETA-7


My usual supplement stack= Protein powder, Biotest's BCAA's, Creatine mono, Flameout and a multi.. This stack has been workin well for me but im looking to crank up my intensity and put on more mass before i start cutting down around january. (3 months prior to spring break hah). I was thinking about getting Alpha Male or a diff. test booster but since im young with plenty of test.

i was thinking of going the Beta-7 route... I read the article on it and of course it sounds good, almost to good to be true (even tho the price is kinda steep for me).. Has anyone tried Beta-7 and if so do you recommend it, what did you get out of it?


Just responded to a similar question last week and will reiterate here. I have been using BETA-7 since it was released so, about a year or so now. I take two tablets twice per day after the first month of loading where I took two tablets 3 X per day. The workouts I do consist of mainly compound movements with a lot of supersets thrown in with five to six movements done per session. My endurance and ability to hit reps through our workouts has really blown my away. My rep output has risen dramatically in the past year.

I also spend a lot of time doing my recreational hobby (hiking hunting) and on my Sep. hunt this past season I was putting in five to seven miles per day with a thirty pound day pack and rifle in very vertical terrain at elevations of 9,000 to 13,000 ft. This is very demanding work on both heart and lungs as well as muscle and my endurance level didn't falter even packing out some heavy meat loads. I highly recommend giving it a try and feel you definitively will notice a positive impact on your training.

Let us know how you do if you get it!



Beta-7 is now one of my core supplements.

It has improved my anaerobic performance noticably.


I've been taking it for over 2 months and haven't noticed much of a difference. Of course, this may be one of those things where I notice the effects after my last bottle runs out within the next month.


I believe I've seen several people mention that they really didn't notice the effects of Beta-7 until they stopped taking it -- and then it was obvious.


I was the person Dedicated is referring to in his reply. Once I get money (poor college bastard over here) I plan on ordering 2 or 3 months worth of this stuff and test it out. From what I hear, it's definitely worth it, and I'm looking forward to adding it to my stack.


Im'a give it a shot and lay off the test boosters (which i usually take in times of wanted mass!).. Dedicated, Chris as far as muscle mass added did BETA-7 put a good amount on u?? Dedicated i've also read on a post that you take HOT-ROX are you taking both BETA-7 and HOT-ROX at the same time?

Whats your supplement stack lookin like? (I was planning on going on BETA-7 for 3 months then switching to HOT-ROX for 3 months, first 3 months focusing on adding mass while still eating well and the other 3 months adding cardio and eating to get lean)

by the way sounds like u went on a fuking nuts hunting trip!

*BETA-7 has a loading phase?!?


I am not currently taking HOT-ROX, but I have used them together. I have certain supps that are standards (I continually take them no reason to stop or cycle) which are Creatine, BCAA's, BETA-7, Flameout, REZ-V, and of course protein, Metabolic Drive and Surge. Others I take at different times or cycles are Carbolin 19, Alpha Male, and HOT-ROX Extreme, hell even Se7en on occasion.

BETA-7 has definitely helped with muscle gains as I have added alot of size to my chest, shoulders, and arms. As far as the hunting trip it was hard work, but a blast and you have to be in shape to hunt where we do. It eliminates a whole lot of other hunters (competition) when you are busting your ass to get away from them.

I always take my supps on hunting trips and continue to take them. I even had a baggy in my day pack with BCAA's and BETA-7 and if I felt like I was getting tired usually hiking back to camp at the end of the day I would eat an apple and down the tablets.



BETA-7 isn't like Creatine in the sense that you'll swell up from taking it. Rather, it will enable you to train harder, which then results in increased results whether you are training for size or performance.


500% better than creatine.



Agreed. Unfortunalte creatine is 5x as cheap. Creatine is one of those things where its "I think it works and there is a ton of research that shows it does so I'll take it." BETA-7 is "I know this shit works and there is a little bit of research to support it."

When I have the cash I use it. I hate to sound like a shill, but it really does work as advertised. Few more reps in the tank that normally wouldnt have been there.


since Beta-7 is pretty much beta alanine, does anyone advice just going with a cheaper beta-alanine supplement instead of Biotest's?


I tried regular Beta alanine before Beta-7 was released and I have to say I much prefer Beta-7 since it's way easier to use and seems to give me a better effect.


I like Biotest's because of the time-released tablets. It prevents the tingling sensation you can get with plain ole beta alanine.


That's interesting. Lately I've been getting a tingling sensation that feels a lot like a niacin flush. I wasn't sure what was causing it, since it seems to come at a random time. Thinking back, it started around the time I started taking Beta-7.

Anyone else get the tingling feeling?


I get it occasionaly with BETA-7 if I don't take it with carbs, but it's nowhere as bad as it was when I took regular Beta alanine. With the regular stuff, the tingling got so bad that I couldn't focus on anything else.


well, it is pretty much a known side effect that when you increase your levels of beta alanine, your skin does start to tingle, for whatever reason. from what I've read, it will go away in a week or so.


In my experience, the tingling is actually an acute response related to each dose.

I'm pretty sure this was discussed by Dr. Stout in the BETA-7 thread.


it very well may be. from what I've read, it's a totally minor side effect that results from the increased levels. but who knows? maybe some people (like you) react immediately to it. I'm not biologist, I'm just sayin...


Your tried Se7en? Did you notice any positive effects from it?