What's the Typical SHBG for Biweekly Injections?

For instance, my SHBG is between 30-33. Currently on a dailies protocol (not stopping until at least 8 weeks), but wondering if I should have stayed on a biweekly protocol and simply gave it more time, then focused on thyroid.

By the numbers my best protocol was when my levels resulted in 1098 TT, 25.5 FT, 42.9 E2. Felt like shit, but I also had a TSH of 3.9 at the time. Was on 130mg/week T Cyp split 65mg/injection for only one month, then lowered my dose since at the time I thought my estrogen was too high.

Low or high SHBG according to the top level doctors in the TRT area most guys feel best at daily injections. We shouldn’t be lazy asses and compromise our well being because of that.

The question is not what you can do, but when you will feel best

I’m not thyroid expert, but elevated TSH means the pituitary gland is trying to get more thyroid hormones in circulation. You say your estrogen has been out of whack and yet you’re on HCG which increases estrogen.

DHEA will also increase estrogen and thyroid problems would see the body less efficient and that could create a high estrogen situation. This is less about your SHBG and more about your high estrogen and that’s why you’re on a daily protocol.

I see a lot of new guys choose convenience or frequent injections and feeling good. You’ve made the first step towards feeling good and if it doesn’t work, I suggest either stopping HCG and/or addressing your thyroid.

No way there isn’t some degree of thyroid problems going on with a TSH at 3.9, at the very least you have subclinical hypothyroidism which may be holding back progress.

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Thank you for your replies @vonko1988 and @systemlord

@vonko1988 Whatever makes me feel best is what I’m sticking with. I was just wondering if someone with average SHBG would benefit from the extra estrogen compared to dailies.


Currently off HCG and DHEA, just 15mg T Cyp every day. Will address thyroid once I give my TRT protocol enough time to sync.

My question mainly revolved around whether it might be better to inject less frequently, but seems daily injections are all-around the most consistent protocol.

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