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What's the Shortest You'd Run Test E?

still thinking and planning my next cycle.

even if Test E is front loaded whats the minimum length you’d use it?

i know Bill Roberts says it works but looking for someone thats done it and saw results like he talks about by day 4.

when i used T prop i believe i saw results within 9-10 days.
if i can frontload Test E and see similar or quicker results seems like a good situation.



6 weeks (although some accounts suggest 3-5 week cycles), if you don’t want it to be just glycogen, and intramuscular water retention. Results may start to appear in day 4 but they are small changes, your body wouldn’t have time to adapt to the androgens in the system, and let alone make gains. There ain’t no short cuts bro.

those 2 week cycles Bill Roberts talks about sound interesting, but I’m unconvinced.

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y not just run prop

How can I renew our ,now broken, realtionship? :stuck_out_tongue:

the reason using prop is in question is because its only 100mg/ml where as enan is 250mg/ml

im trying to cut down on some injection volume.

[quote]Marlind wrote:
How can I renew our ,now broken, realtionship? :P[/quote]

cash. I’ll pm you my bank details.

IMO enth in short range cycles is stupid. Very long esther compared to other and I hear plenty of people say (myself included) they don’t even feel enth in full swing until about week 5-6.

Test E can be run at about 8 weeks if you do a decent front load imo. Still Test P is the better choice for shorter cycles.

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