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Whats the Right Choice?


Alright I am wondering what would be the best thing to take via a single ster or stacking. I train in BJJ and I will prob. be competing in Dec. So I want to take something that won't make me retain alot of water. I am 6 foot and weight about 190. I am mostly concerned with strength and not weight I want to add strength not so much size, bc I will be cutting down to 170.So to make a long story short what would be the best thing to take to stay at around 190-200 and lean mass and more strength? I was thinking on taking just win. Are maybe all I need here is Theigo Alves diet plan LOL.




Tren ace with a low dose of test prop or ace (if you can get you hands on the latter) shot ED. Drop the test a week before weigh-in.

Diet and training will ultimately determine your weight, but you will be able to achieve some great recomposition and strength gains with this stack.


Lot of MMA guys favor mast prop as its milder on the aerobic capacity than tren for many of us.


Add in some halotestin. Your opponent will be fucked! lol


Good point. Tren does absolutely obliterate my cardiovascular ability.


Ight thanks guys I'm gana see what i can get ahold to and then take it from there.