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What's the Reason for Acne Sensitivity on Gear?

Can someone explain what specifically causes steroid acne? Many say its due to DHT and not estrogen. But I’ve dan compounds before that raise DHT by a lot and never had acne issues, but I do always get acne whenever I run aromatizing compounds.

I can’t wrap my head around it, me and my mate are running the exact same compound from the same brand, I literally just run 200 test/deca and my skin just erupts with acne, he is running 4 times the dose 800/800 and has 0 acne. I know that it depends per person but WHAT is the reason for this, it’s so frustrating.

When I ran just very low test stacked with Tren, or anadrol, winstrol, I never had acne, but other people claim to get acne on those as well? It doesn’t make any sense.

I seriously would like an in depth explanation on this because I just don’t get it, it’s so random, it seriously is bugging me. How can certain people run grams of gear and have 0 acne, while others get acne on just TRT, what exactly can be the reason for this.

Why do some teens get cystic acne and other gets zero? Genetics my man along with the rollercoaster ride of hormone you are flooding your body with.

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But I never had acne in my teens, I actually never had acne issues my whole life. Only when im on for example testosterone and dbol etc.

Also why rollercoaster ride, those compounds I mentioned was years ago. And I mean my friend takes 4 times the dose. So that’s just genetics? Why then on certain compounds no issues. That basically throws the whole DHT discussion out of the window then. There must be some scientific explanation for it.

Well you could certainly be triggered by E2 more then say DHT. But its still a genetic response. I had moderate acne as teen but I get almost none on cycle. Little flare here or there and thats it.

Summaries from a couple articles.

Testosterone stimulates the production of sebum. Overproduction of testosterone may lead to excessive sebum production, which, in turn, may increase the risk of inflamed sebaceous glands. This can trigger an acne outbreak.

The enzyme 5 alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT . It then binds itself to androgen receptors on the oil glands, stimulating excessive oil production. This excess oil obstructs the skin pores allowing bacteria growth, which in turn causes inflammation, infection, and visible acne breakouts .

I had horrible acne as a teen. Running 600 mg of test a week and a couple pimples on the back. Probably 95% improvement over my teen years. I was really scared about acne due to my teen years.

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